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DIY Tiered Plant Stand

I finally built my DIY tiered plant stand with room for hanging plants, and it’s the perfect way to maximize space in your home for houseplants! It’s an impressive-looking but simple build with grow lights incorporated as well. DIY tiered plant stand with room for hanging plants After all of life’s craziness during quarantine and …

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diy plant stand

DIY Plant Stand

Learn how to make an easy DIY plant stand. I made one using scrap wood and some hairpin legs I ordered online! This is a great beginner woodworking project. DIY plant stand: Scrap wood plant stand It’s been a while since I’ve done a real woodworking project—something that required designing, cutting, sanding, pocket holes, the …

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DIY Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Looking for an easy weekend woodworking project? Check out the DIY wall coat rack we recently made. The combination of light wood and matte black hooks gives the coat rack a modern look—and it’s functional! Easy Weekend Project: DIY Wall Coat Rack  Hey all! Today I am sharing what is probably one of the easiest …

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DIY Lego Table With Storage

This post shares the DIY lego table with storage that I made for my daughter! The multi-use table also includes a topper that flips around to turn into an art table. I’m sharing my inspiration and thought process, free instant download printable build plans, and some ideas for the interchangeable toppers. This post contains affiliate …

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DIY Test Tube Propagation Station

DIY Test Tube Propagation Station

Looking for a tutorial for a DIY test tube propagation station? I’m sharing mine today—it uses scrap wood and has 10 slots for test tube plant propagation! DIY Test Tube Propagation Station: Test Tube Plant Propagation Yes, I made another propagation station. What’s wrong with me? So many things. But one of those things is …

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DIY Plant Propagation Station

DIY Plant Propagation Station

This post shares my DIY plant propagation station! A DIY propagation station is a cute way to display plants while propagating them in water. The glass cylinder tubes help you keep the cuttings organized and while monitoring root development—all without taking up a ton of space. DIY Plant Propagation Station: A Cute Method to Propagate …

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