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Wooden Porch Planter Box DIY

This post shares a wooden porch planter box DIY. The plans were designed from scratch by Tool Box Divas, and I’m sharing the step-by-step!

Hey all! Today I’m sharing a fun project with Timisha from Tool Box Divas. I’m going to be doing a few contributing posts for her blog in the coming months, which is awesome because she is great! Today I’m sharing a build that Timisha designed and I’ll be making.

It’s a lovely small wooden planter—perfect for our small front porch! And all for just under $10 in lumber and $20 total including the spax screws. I’ll be sharing the step-by-step build, but Timisha has free printable plans for you guys.

This is a really straightforward build that uses simple construction, affordable lumber, and mostly simple wood screws. There are a few angled cuts in this build, but if you’re just getting comfortable working with angles, this is a great project to start on.

So let’s jump in.

Easy wooden porch planter box DIY

Here’s what I used:

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And here’s our wooden porch planter box DIY!

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Step 1. Cut all pieces

First I cut all pieces according to the cut list outlined in Timisha’s printable plans. Then I used my orbital sander to knock off any splintered pieces and make sure the surface of each piece was smooth. Furring strips can be a bit rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean them up!

Pile of furring strips cut

Step 2. Assemble the four planter box sides

Each of the planter’s four sides is assembled the same exact way, making this build even easier. To get started assembling the first side, I used cleats to attach two legs—one on each end—with two panels in the middle.

I joined these four pieces together using a cleat on the top and a cleat on the bottom. The cleat on the top should be flush with the top of the boards. 

Wooden porch planter box DIY
Wooden porch planter box DIY
Wooden porch planter box DIY
One panel of the wooden porch planter box DIY

Step 3. Join the wooden planter box sides

After I’d finished assembling each of the four side panels, I began joining them together to assemble the planter. First I joined the front panel with one of the side panels by butting them together and connecting them using wood screws. Use your drill to countersink your screws so they are easier to fill. Then I added another side panel, and finally the back panel.

Alright, it’s planter time. I love the part of a project where it actually starts to look like the thing you’re building. Since this project uses cheaper furring strips, some are a bit warped. I found using a bar clamp helpful to line everything up while attaching the last panel. It helps keep it in place perfectly while you drive the screws.

Wooden porch planter box DIY
Closeup of spax screws
Three sides constructed
Wooden porch planter box DIY attaching the last side

Step 4. Add the bottom slats

To finish off the structure of the planter, I added the slats along the bottom of the planter on the inside. I screwed these into place using wood screws. This isn’t exactly how they look in the plans, but I improvised with some small scrap wood pieces. Does the trick just fine.

box constructed without the top lip

Step 5. Add the top rails to the planter

The top rails give this planter a nice finishing touch. Timisha’s plans suggest screwing in the rails from the side using wood screws—making sure to pre-drill first. I have a nail gun and thought it would be easier for me to attach the top rails using wood glue and a nail gun, so that’s what I did.

Attaching the first top lip
Nail gun marks

Step 6. Finish off the wooden porch planter

Finish the planter by using wood filler to cover the countersunk screws. Then finish with an outdoor finish of your choice. I’m using Behr opaque outdoor stain and sealer that I already had on hand. It’s a fab finish that holds up super well. But be warned—if your wood is knotty, do a coat of primer first. 

I have used this finish in gray and white on the shed in our backyard, on my DIY trellis, on our slatted outdoor dining table, and on Ramona’s water play table and outdoor table and chairs set

Once I finished mine off, I used a handheld staple gun to staple a planter lining in place. This will help prolong the life of your planter. You can also use thick black contractor trash bags, which is what we did for our raised outdoor garden beds.

Use a drill to drill three holes down through the lining and the bottom of the planter for drainage. Note that you do not have to add the lining if you’ll just be setting a plant pot in this—only if you’ll be adding dirt to this planter and planting directly in it. 

Filling holes
Wooden porch planter box DIY

And that’s it! Isn’t it cute?

Thanks, Timisha, for designing these plans and letting me build them! If you want the free printable plans, head on over to Timisha’s blog Toolbox Divas!

Wooden porch planter box DIY
Wooden porch planter box DIY

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collage of a planter build that says DIY porch planter plans
planter with text overlay that says DIY porch planter plans

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