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Anthurium Warocqueanum Care

I recently got my dad an anthurium warocqueanum. Learn all about anthurium warocqueanum care, including how to help this stunning and totally unique-looking tropical plant thrive. Anthurium warocqueanum care This is my very first anthurium care guide, if you can believe it! And today’s anthurium is…anthurium warocqueanum! Also commonly known as the queen anthurium because, …

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Philodendron Brasil Care & Propagation

Learn how to care for Philodendron Brasil, a gorgeous variety of philodendron hederaceum, which is often referred to as the “heart-leaf philodendron.” I’ll cover everything you need to know to keep this gorgeous cultivar happy and thriving. How to care for the gorgeous Philodendron Brasil It’s not often that I have a plant for 2 …

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Calathea Orbifolia Care & Propagation

If you’re looking for a calathea orbifolia care guide, look no further! I am outlining everything you need to know to keep this high-maintenance but stunningly beautiful plant happy. Calathea orbifolia care & how to keep this high-maintenance beauty happy Wow, another calathea post! It must be spring, because that’s the only time I am …

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