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Outdoor Paver Console Table Build Plans

This tutorial shares how I made an outdoor console table for our patio using 2x4s and concrete pavers.

My outdoor console table made using 2x4s and pavers!

Hi all! Today I’ve got an outdoor build for you—I’m sharing the steps for how I made an outdoor console table using a combination of wood and concrete pavers. I love using concrete pavers for outdoor builds to help keep them sturdy and to keep costs down.

I did a DIY Patio Coffee Table Made With Pavers many years ago that bit the dust before we moved. And the coordinating Outdoor Side Table finally fell apart this year. Since the DIY Paver Plant Stand I made is still going strong, I decided to pull in some more pavers and make this console table.

DIY outdoor console table made with pavers

So here’s how I made my table:

Step 1: Make all cuts

The first step is to get the lumber and make your cuts. I also sanded each individual piece before assembling. I tried to optimize this project for the lengths of lumber my local store had in stock. Here’s how it all panned out for the 2x4s:

  • (4) 30″ A pieces
  • (4) 27.75″ B pieces
  • (4) 8.5″ C pieces
illustration showing the cut list

And here’s what I did for the slatted base of 1x2s:

  • (16) 11.5″ pieces
  • (4) 8.5″ pieces
illustration showing the cut list

Step 2: Drill pocket holes

Next I drilled pocket holes in both ends of the following pieces:

  • 2×4: (4) 27.75″ B pieces
  • 2×4: (4) 8.5″ C pieces
  • 1×2: (2) of the 8.5″ slats

Step 3: Construct the two main pieces

To get started constructing the console table, you’ll need two of the 27.75″ B pieces and and all four of the 30″ A pieces. The A pieces are the legs, while the B pieces are the horizontal supports for the top.

Build as the below photo indicates—by driving pocket hole screws through the pocket holes in the horizontal B pieces into the sides of the vertical A pieces.

drawing file of a DIY console table with measurements

Step 4: Attach the two structures

Next grab all four 8.5″ C pieces, attaching the two structures you created in step 3 as the diagram below outlines. I decided to place the bottom pieces 5″ from the bottom of the legs. You can adjust this if you’d like another height, and these are actually attached using pocket hole screws.

drawing file of a DIY console table with measurements

Step 5: Add the final 2×4 pieces

Next grab the last two 27.75″ B pieces and attach them using pocket hole screws. This will complete the main structure of the console table—looking great!

I also decided to stain the whole structure before attaching the slatted base because I thought it would be easier. I stained the main piece a light brown, while I did each of the slats with a black outdoor stain—same as our DIY Potting Bench.

drawing file of a DIY console table with measurements
frame of a console table on its side with clamps
staining the frame of a table

Step 6: Add slats for the bottom shelf

Next I stained all of the slats black and attached them to the base with 1/4″ between each one. I used a piece of scrap wood for the spacer. The two 8.5″ pieces go on the ends, but remember that one of them has pocket holes.

That’s because the second piece from both the left and right sides of the shelf don’t have anything to nail the slats to securely. So I opted to use pocket hole joinery for those two. I used a nail gun to attach all of the other slats, including the two outermost 8.5″ slats.

drawing file of a DIY console table with measurements

Step 7: Attach the concrete pavers

Next was the big moment…did I size everything correctly for the 11.7″ pavers? Remember, these are sold as 12″ pavers, but their actual measurements are about 11.7. And they fit perfectly! I glued these on using a random glue I had in the shop that could be used to bond wood and concrete.

And here is the final console table—it gives me so much room for my houseplants summering outside, as well as other random stuff we want to store on the patio.

DIY outdoor console table made with pavers
DIY outdoor console table made with pavers
DIY outdoor console table made with pavers

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