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Hoya Krohniana Silver Care & Rooting

Hoya Krohniana Silver care isn’t unlike that of other Hoyas, despite being a harder-to-find variety. Learn how to keep this stunning heart-shaped silver vine happy! Hoya krohniana silver care & propagation Hoya Krohniana is the second-to-last rare hoya cutting I got from my friend that I’ll be writing about. (That was a mouthful of a …

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Hoya Cumingiana Propagation & Care

I’m so happy to have received a beautiful little cutting of hoya cumingiana from one of my hoya-collecting friends. Learn about rooting hoya cumingiana cuttings, hoya cumingiana propagation, and how to care for this plant. Hoya cumingiana propagation & care I seriously have the nicest plant friends. I have gotten so many amazing cuttings from …

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