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Hoya Cumingiana Propagation & Care

I’m so happy to have received a beautiful little cutting of hoya cumingiana from one of my hoya-collecting friends. Learn about rooting hoya cumingiana cuttings, hoya cumingiana propagation, and how to care for this plant. Hoya cumingiana propagation & care I seriously have the nicest plant friends. I have gotten so many amazing cuttings from …

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Hoya Australis Lisa Care & Propagation

Hoya Australis Lisa is a gorgeous variegated variety of the plain green Hoya Australis, and it’s a stunner! Learn about the plant, as well as how to propagate it, with my guide! Today we’re talking about Hoya Australis Lisa care & propagation… When my friend messaged me one night and asked, “do you want a …

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Hoya Carnosa Propagation Guide

Looking for hoya carnosa propagation tips? There are so many different varieties of hoya carnosa plants, but the propagation instructions for all of them are pretty much the same! Learn everything you need to know with my guide. Hoya carnosa propagation guide—everything you need to know! Today I’m writing about the hoya carnosa—a houseplant staple …

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