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27 DIY Indoor Planters and Plant Stands to Help You Decorate With Plants

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I love making planters and plant stands! Here are 27 of my DIY indoor planters and plant stands to help you decorate your home with plants.

27 of My DIY Indoor Planters and Plant Stands to Help You Decorate With Plants

Hey guys! If you’re new to my blog and this is the first post you are seeing, I have to admit—I really, really love making DIY indoor planters and plant stands. I love DIY and houseplants, and what better way to fulfill my love for both of those things than at the intersection of both?

Unlike a lot of roundups of DIY indoors planters, everything on this list is something I have actually made. All 27 of them. So you know that they are real, achievable DIYs. I’ve got something in this list for every skill level, too. Love woodworking? Awesome—break out your tools and let’s make a huge plant stand.

Not a tool person? Still cool. Lots of non-tool options in here. Don’t want to spend a lot of money and hate wasting things? You’ll love my upcycled Old Bay tin can planter. Or maybe you just want to do a bit of therapeutic painting on some cheap terracotta pots. That works for me. I love it all.

Because nothing feels better than having someone compliment a plant and its planter, and you’re able to respond with “oh thanks, not only am I amazing at taking care of plants, I also made the planter that one is in.” You know, one day when people are allowed to come over to our houses again.

27 DIY Indoor Planters and Plant Stands to Help You Decorate With Plants!

There's nothing I like more than planter DIYs. From building to painting and everything in between, I have a long list of planter projects to house my growing plant collection. I hope you find something to inspire you.

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Image collage of DIY indoor planters with text Decorate Your Home with Plants DIY Planters & Plant Stands
collage of DIY indoor planters with text 27 DIY Planters & Plant Stands to Help Decorate Your Home
collage of DIY indoor planters with text 27 DIY Planters & Plant Stands, Decorate Your House with Plants
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Suzy Godfrey

Wednesday 26th of September 2018

Just getting into succulents and you have some great ideas here!

Brittany Goldwyn

Wednesday 26th of September 2018

Thanks Suzy! I love making things in to planters :)

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