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Epiphyllum Oxypetalum Care

I’m sharing tips for epiphyllum oxypetalum care. Epiphyllum oxypetalum—also known as night blooming cereus or “queen of the night” cactus, is a gorgeous, resilient plant that blooms only at night. Learn all about this unique plant! Epiphyllum oxypetalum care: Night-blooming cereus  I don’t know if this is a grandma plant, but the only two people …

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Scindapsus pictus care

Scindapsus Pictus Care

Scindapsus pictus, commonly known as silver satin pothos, is a gorgeous green and silver trailing jungle plant that will make the perfect addition to your houseplant collection! Learn everything you need to know about Scindapsus pictus care, as well as how to propagate it and why it isn’t actually a real pothos. Scindapsus pictus care: …

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How to Paint Clay Pots

Wondering how to paint clay pots? Sometimes you’ll find a big beautiful glazed pot that is the perfect shape, size, and price, but you hate the color. Here’s how to paint a glazed pot! How to paint clay pots Alright, today we are talking all about how to paint clay pots, specifically glazed clay pots. …

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How to Update a Hanging Planter

Learn how to update a hanging planter easily by swapping out the old twine or string with something more modern looking. It’s that easy! How to Update a Hanging Planter from Big Lots Just a quick little project to share today—how to update a hanging planter! I can always use a new hanging planting, but …

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Dumb Cane Care

Looking for dumb cane care tips? I’m going through everything you need to know about how to care for dumb cane plants (aka Dieffenbachia), including what light it likes, how much water it needs, the best soil for dumb cane plants, and more! Dumb Cane Care: Caring for Dieffenbachia Let’s talk about the dieffenbachia plant! …

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Eucalyptus Plant Care

Learn all about eucalyptus plant care, including how to care for potted eucalyptus and how to help your eucalyptus plant thrive indoors! Eucalyptus Plant Care: How to Care for Potted Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents. I’m not an essential oils person in that I think they do anything other than smell nice, …

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Meyer Lemon Tree Care

Today I’m talking all about Meyer lemon tree care, including the best potting soil for meyer lemon trees in containers and all of the information you need to help your Meyer lemon tree thrive in a container—indoors or outdoors! Meyer lemon tree care: Growing a Meyer lemon tree in a pot Growing a Meyer lemon …

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Best Succulents for Beginners

Looking for tips on the best succulents for beginners? Succulents are generally pretty easy to care for, but some are easier than others! Here are the succulent varieties I recommend for people who are brand new to taking care of succulents! What are the Best Succulents for Beginners? Chances are you’ve almost certainly heard of …

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