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11 Pothos Varieties to Check Out!

Pothos plants—they are gorgeous and easy to take care of! And there are a bunch of different pothos varieties to choose from. Here are 11 varieties, including pictures and how to identify them. 11 gorgeous pothos varieties to add to your collection! I recently finished up publishing a bunch of care guides for the different …

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Philodendron Lemon Lime Care

Philodendron lemon lime care is easy enough for a beginner, and the plant is gorgeous enough for even seasoned plant hobbyists! Learn everything you need to know about lemon lime philodendron, including the difference between philodendron lemon lime and neon pothos. Philodendron lemon lime care I wrote a long time ago about heart-leaf philodendron care, …

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9 Scindapsus Varieties to Collect

Scindapsus is one of my favorite types of plants, and they are fun to collect! Here are 9 different scindapsus varieties that you can add to your collection, including basic care, pics to help you identify them, and where to find them! 9 scindapsus varieties to add to your houseplant collection Hey all! Today we’re …

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