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Brittany Goldwyn

Hi! I'm Brittany. Here you'll find my DIY tutorials, home decor ideas, garden projects, and more! I'm a creative who loves making things, living simply, and my kitties Henry and Blanche. <3

Monstera Pinnatipartita Care

Monstera pinnatipartita is a gorgeous and harder-to-find variety of the genus that looks gorgeous climbing a moss pole. Learn how to care for this tropical lovely as a houseplant with this post! How do you care for Monstera Pinnatipartita? When I first saw a Monstera Pinnatipartita in person, I actually thought it was a Monstera …

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Philodendron Rojo Congo Care

Did you add a philodendron rojo congo to your houseplant collection? This stunning upright tropical baby makes a wonderful statement plant in a bright room. Learn all about how to care for it here! Philodendron rojo congo care Today I’m adding another philodendron care post to my care post library, and it’s a philodendron rojo …

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Monstera Standleyana Care & Propagation

Monstera standleyana albo variegata is a beautiful tropical plant that also makes a wonderful houseplant. Learn about how to care for it, if it fenestrates, how to propagate it, and more with this post. Monstera standleyana albo variegata care My monstera deliciosa is one of my favorite houseplants, and I will never turn down the …

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Scindapsus Treubii Dark Form Care

Scindapsus treubii dark form care is slightly more difficult than some other varieties of scindapsus, but it’s worth the extra effort! Learn all about this rare variety and why you should add it to your collection. Scindapsus treubii dark form care…all about this rare variety! Hey all! Today we’re talking about one of the plants …

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Popcorn Plant Care (Popcorn Cassia)

Senna Didymobotrya, aka the popcorn cassia plant, is a cool plant that you’ll want to consider adding to your collection. And popcorn plant care isn’t difficult indoors or outdoors! Learn all about it here.  Popcorn plant care When I first came across the popcorn plant, I knew I had to tell you all about it. …

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Peel and Stick Subway Tile Backsplash Review

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and gorgeous backsplash solution for your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or RV, don’t overlook a peel and stick subway tile backsplash! I’m reviewing Smart Tiles and sharing my installation tips. Peel and stick subway tile backsplash: Smart Tiles review DIY time! I realize it’s been a while since …

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