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Brittany Goldwyn

Hi! I'm Brittany. Here you'll find my DIY tutorials, home decor ideas, garden projects, and more! I'm a creative who loves making things, living simply, and my kitties Henry and Blanche. <3

Monstera Deliciosa Cutting Propagation

If you’re wondering how to propagate monstera deliciosa, this post shares three monstera deliciosa propagation methods. They will all help you grow more plants from the beautiful monstera you already have! The monstera deliciosa plant is easy to take care of and easy to propagate in water, in soil, or through air layering. How to …

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Vintage & Antique Shops in Frederick

Coming to Frederick, Maryland for some antiquing? I’m sharing the details about some of my favorite vintage, secondhand, and antique shops in Frederick! From big warehouses to smaller, more curated shops, there’s something for everyone. I feel like I am lucky to live in an area that people travel to for good antiquing and thrifting—Frederick, …

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Epiphyllum Oxypetalum Care

I’m sharing tips for epiphyllum oxypetalum care. Epiphyllum oxypetalum—also known as the“queen of the night” cactus, is a gorgeous, resilient plant that blooms only at night. Learn all about this unique plant! Epiphyllum oxypetalum care When I first wrote about this plant several years ago (I am updating this post as of late 2022), I …

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Variegated String of Hearts Care

Learn how to care for your variegated string of hearts plant, also known as Ceropegia woodii. Find out about the proper watering, lighting, and fertilization techniques for this popular houseplant, as well as tips for propagating and troubleshooting common problems. How do you take care of a variegated string of hearts? Hey there, plant people! …

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Stromanthe Triostar Care

Learn all about stromanthe triostar care and how to keep it looking its best! This tropical houseplant is known for its striking, pink-variegated leaves and is relatively easy to care for when provided with bright, indirect light, high humidity, and well-draining soil. How do you care for triostar stromanthe? Today we’re talking about another pink …

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My Essential Cyclamen Care Guide

Looking for cyclamen care tips? You may associate flowering cyclamen plants, specifically cyclamen persicum, with the holidays. But you can grown them all year round. Learn about caring for cyclamen with my guide! Cyclamen care & keeping your plant happy I’ve been writing a lot about some seasonal holiday plants. And today I’m writing about …

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