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My Latest DecoArt Painted Furniture Projects

My Latest DecoArt Painted Furniture Projects

Even though I put the blog into retirement for an extended period of time, I was still regularly working with DecoArt through their Art Room program. (This post isn’t sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links, and I was paid to complete all of these projects for DecoArt!) I love the Art Room program because you get to create a variety of different things. Left up to my own devices, I’d probably just paint a bunch of dressers black or white. 🙂 So today is all about my latest DecoArt painted furniture projects.

Now that all of the projects are up in the DecoArt Project Gallery, I want to share 10 of my favorites. Even though some of these pictures literally make me feel sick since I was so constantly nauseated while pregnant. Major flashbacks happening over here. In fact, the first picture of the coasters project has a cup of anti-nausea tea. No, it did not help at all. Ha.

I think there’s a little something for everyone in here. The titles below each pic link to the full tutorials on the DecoArt website, as well as the paint lines and colors. Enjoy!

mug of tea and painted coasters

Painted Faux Marble Coasters

Colors: Satin Enamels Dove Beige, Metallics Antique Bronze, and Metallics Tin

large planter painted white

White Outdoor Pot

Color: Curb Appeal Farmhouse White

side table makeover using gray and black paint

Contemporary Gray Side Table

Colors: Chalky Finish Carbon and Chalky Finish Artifact

faux succulents in pink planters

Ombre-Effect Spring Succulent Pots

Colors: Chalky Finish Reminisce and Chalky Finish Everlasting

white tiered crates with plants on them

Tiered Crate Plant Stand

Color: Satin Enamels Pure White

dresser painted white with silver drawers

Winter Wonderland Accent Piece

Colors: Satin Enamels Pure White and Extreme Sheen Tin

crate painted white with bronze detailing on the side

Children’s Modern Storage Crate

Colors: Satin Enamels Pure White and Metallics Antique Bronze

candle, succulent, and framed wedding photo on a table

Dipped Picture Frame

Color: Satin Enamels Dove Beige

white planter painted with a black dipped effect

Modern Dipped Planter

Color: Satin Enamels Classic Black

side table painted white with pink legs

Festive Pink Accent Piece

Colors: Satin Enamels Pure White and Extreme Sheen Pink Tourmaline

  1. Mom says:

    When did you have time for all of these projects? Wonder-daughter!!

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