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How to Make a Small Rosemary Wreath

Check out my tutorial on how to make a small rosemary wreath.

How to make a small rosemary wreath for the holidays

I had a magical day off of work recently…and by that I mean Mike was at work and Ramona was at daycare. I rarely have the house to myself these days, so what did I do? Crafted.

I decided to experiment with a little rosemary wreath after I found these pretty gold hoops at the craft store. What do you think? Simple. Modern. Smells lovely. Just up my alley. Read on for how to make it!

small gold and rosemary holiday wreath on a black wall


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And here’s how to make the wreath!

Step 1: Gather some fresh rosemary

First I clipped some fresh rosemary, focusing on the ends of each stem. The rosemary stem gets thinner and more pliable as you get closer to the top, making it easier to manipulate around the hoop. Next I took a few minutes to envision the design I wanted.

Don’t have a garden or space to grow potted rosemary but love the scent? You can always buy a small plant to keep around like fresh flowers during the holidays.

fresh rosemary
gold hoop and wire

Step 2: Begin attaching the rosemary

I started by taking one sprig of rosemary, a tiny cut of the gold wire, and attaching the rosemary to the hoop using the wire. The tip of the rosemary sprig will not be attached to the hoop yet—just the bottom.

gold hoop with sprig

Step 3: Continue around the hoop

Next I took another sprig of rosemary and attached the bottom of it at about the mid-point of the previous spring. This will pull down that part that was spiking up. Then I just continued it all the way around the hoop.

Except about 60% of the way around, I decided it looked amazing as it and that I didn’t want to cover the entire gold hoop. It looks lovely! And that’s it. That simple.

Small Rosemary Wreath
small gold and rosemary holiday wreath on a black wall

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collage that says easy DIY rosemary wreath with images of the steps

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