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Test Tube Propagation Stand (Using No Tools!)

Not a woodworker or simply don’t have the time but love the look of test tube propagation stations? Check out how to make the easiest test tube propagation stand in just a few minutes!

The easiest test tube propagation stand that uses no tools

If you’re a woodworker—even a basic woodworker like I am—you might remember my easy glass jar propagation stand and my test tube propagation station. I love both of these (the glass jar one actually lives with my brother’s girlfriend now), but I often hear from people that the DIYs are too involved. Either because they don’t have the tools, the time, or the desire to make them—or they just want something easier!

So I decided to make these teeny tiny cute little test tube propagation stands using PVC pipe. I didn’t need to cut these, either—I just used a pre-cut piece of PVC pipe coupling.

I don’t remember how much it was, but it was well under $1! And since each of my test tubes was $1, that makes this a pretty affordable DIY. (By the way, these are white when you buy them.)

Test Tube Propagation Stand

Here’s what I used:

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And here’s how I made the absolute easiest DIY test tube propagation stand!

Step 1: Pick up a test tube and a piece of pipe coupling

I recommend getting a test tube first—you can buy them in packs online on Amazon, or you can go to a craft store and buy singles. I got mine for $1 each at Michaels. Then I took it to Lowes with me to figure out which piece of pipe coupling it fit in best.

It turned out to be the 3/4″ PVC pipe coupling, which is white when you buy it. It was well under $1! I decided to paint it hunter green to cover up some of the black text that comes on these PVC pipe pieces.

painted pipe coupling
painted pipe coupling
Test Tube Propagation Stand

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Step 2: Stick the test tube in and fill it up!

Okay, it’s really that easy. Once the paint dries, stick your test tube in and fill it up. I’ve got a piece of my hoya carnosa compacta (aka hoya rope plant) in mine. My friend sent me a huge gorgeous hoya in the mail, and this piece broke off in shipment. So I decided to root it to grow another!

I love that this can stand alone on my DIY tiered plant shelving this fall and winter when I’m not propagating much and don’t need my entire propagation stations out. I can simply use a few test tubes for what I need.

Test Tube Propagation Stand
test tube in piece of pipe coupling
Test Tube Propagation Stand

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Test tube propagation stand in front of tray of plants with text Easy Test Tube Propagation Stand No tools required
image collage of test tube propagation stand with text Test Tube propagation stand make it the easy way!

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