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DIY Railing Planter Box

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This post shares my easy DIY railing planter box and is sponsored by Kreg Tool and the Build Something website. If you’re wondering how to build a planter box for a deck, this project is for you! This project is also featured in 30 Builds to Put Your KregJig to Work.

DIY Railing Planter Box

Hey guys! I’m working with the Kreg Tool company to create another project for Build Something, which is Kreg’s DIY project plan website. I made a workbench for my last project, and this time around I’m sharing the free plans for a DIY railing planter box. Isn’t she a beaut?

We’ve been wanting to add some low-maintenance flowers to our deck, and a deck planter seemed like a nice way to do it. We spent about $20 on this project—about $10 on the wood and $10 on the brackets to hang the planter.

DIY railing planter box
DIY railing planter box

This is a very easy build, too. If you want to spend a bit more and get a product that will last a big longer, you can use something like cedar, which will age beautifully. However, we wanted to keep this to a low budget.

A quick note on the brackets, as well. I searched everywhere online so that I could just order a pair suitable for a long, rectangular, wood hanging planter. A complicating factor for us is that we have those white plastic railings on our deck, not wood. So it wasn’t super easy to drill brackets into the railings like it would be for a wooden railing. It’s also super windy, so I wanted to make sure whatever I got was stable.

I got really frustrated when I couldn’t find anything for a decent price. So one day in Home Depot, I just wandered into the garden section and stumbled onto exactly what I needed. Not sure why I can’t find the product on the Home Depot website, but it’s called Vigoro Metal Plant Bracket. Hopefully you guys can find it.

DIY railing planter box
DIY railing planter box

I also used some of my DecoArt Outdoor Living paint for this project—we don’t have enough outdoor projects at the moment, so I’m slowly working my way through testing colors.

If you want to check out the full build plans for this project, head on over to the Build Something website!

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DIY deck railing planter box pinnable graphic with text overlay
DIY deck railing planter box pinnable graphic with text overlay

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