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DIY Unicorn Bookends for a Nursery

Learn how to make DIY bookends for a nursery out of thrifted unicorns.

DIY bookends for a nursery using unicorns

This is the first of two thrift-shop-challenge-type posts I’m doing this month. Because Marie Kondo has tricked you all in to getting rid of all of your nice things for me to buy!

And let me tell you what. These unicorns really do bring me joy. I have a hard time imagining the person who gave these away because they didn’t bring them joy.

ceramic unicorn

This first thrift shop project is exciting because the ladies of the Thrift Shop Challenge asked me to be a guest participant this month! I’m actually the first guest participant, so I’m kind of a big deal.

After my project, make sure to check out all the other thrift shop challenge projects at the end of this post! And follow me and the other ladies on Instagram to share your thrifted find makeovers for a chance to be featured over the next week!

I took R into one of the local Goodwill’s after work one day to find some inspiration for this project. I settled on taking these beauties home to make DIY unicorn bookends—perfect for the chic little one in your life (or you, I get it).

So here’s what I used:

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And here’s how I made DIY bookends for a nursery using unicorns!

(Remember to wear a mask and eye protection while sanding and working with wood. Do not use any tools without proper training, precautions, and/or supervision. Read my full terms of use here.)

Step 1: First I cut two pieces of wood appropriately sized for my unicorn figurines. The figurines are different sizes, but I wanted each bookend to be the same size, so I took that in to consideration. I used scrap wood pieces and fine-grit sandpaper to polish any rough spots by hand.

The side piece of each bookend was 3/4″ longer than the base piece to account for the width of the base piece.

pieces of wood
gluing wood together to make bookends
gluing wood together to make bookends

Step 2: I clamped the bottom piece to my workbench, ran a line of wood glue along the back, and attached the side piece using my finish nailer. (If you don’t have a finish nailer, you can just use wood glue and clamp the pieces together, or you can use screws.)

gluing wood together to make bookends
gluing wood together to make bookends
gluing wood together to make bookends
gluing wood together to make bookends
gluing wood together to make bookends

Step 3: I then painted each bookend using black paint. I just used some black Sherwin-Williams sample paint I had in my closet to FINALLY use up the rest of it, but you can use any paint appropriate for wood.

By the way, I love these little paint pyramids! I can’t tell you how often they come in handy and save me time not having to wait and flip pieces I’m painting or refinishing.

gloved hand holding a paint brush
wooden bookend before painting
painting a bookend black

Step 4: At first I was going to spray paint whatever I got, but these darlings were so beautiful. They didn’t need a thing!

I just added a bit of glue to the bottom of each and place them on the bookend to dry.

ceramic unicorn
ceramic unicorn

And when they were dry, I popped them in place. They are adorable!

DIY Unicorn Bookends for a Nursery
DIY Bookends for a Nursery using thrifted unicorns
DIY Unicorn Bookends for a Nursery
DIY Unicorn Bookends for a Nursery

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  1. cassie bustamante says:

    these are so cute! and i don’t want to meet the person to whom these unicorns did not spark joy. what a monster.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh my gosh, these are SO CUTE! I never would have thought of this, but I adore it!

    • Brittany Goldwyn says:

      Thank you so much Amanda, and thanks for having me this round!! 🙂

  3. Amanda Garvin says:

    So cute!! My daughter would be OBSESSED with those! Thanks for joining us!!

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