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Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery for Ramona

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This post shares a tour of Ramona’s modern-gender-neutral nursery, including ideas for gender-neutral nursery themes and modern nursery decorating ideas.

Ramona’s Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery

Hi all! Yes, you read the title correctly. A post from my retired blog, and I went and had a baby. We welcomed our daughter, Ramona, to the world a few days ago. She surprised us by coming 2 weeks and 1 day early but was still a healthy 7 lbs, 14 oz and 21 inches long. With a full head of dark hair! Here she is at 5 days.

tiny baby

We’re busy learning about how to take care of a baby, so don’t worry, I did this whole post (minus this bit up here) before she came. 🙂 Although I’m not taking the blog out of retirement, I am coming out of hiding for a few minutes today to share Ramona’s nursery with you. I’m just too happy with it how it turned out. What do you think?

A Modern and gender-Neutral Nursery

Who else is happy with it? These two, who have been using all of the baby stuff as their napping spots for the last few months. Hence why I had to cover everything with blankets so they wouldn’t get cat hair caked on everything.


Now that baby is home, they are spending significantly less time in the nursery (or on this floor of the house, ha). They aren’t huge fans of the noises she makes, but they’ve been adjusting well.

Alright folks, without further ado, let’s talk about this nursery. We’ll start on the left side of the room and work our way around. That means we’ll hit the closet first.

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read more about that here.)

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Closet Area

She has a pretty big closet in her room. There’s tons of storage space on either side of what you see here. We actually have our fake Christmas tree stored on the right side. However, the space wasn’t maximized with one shelf and one bar for hanging things, to we put in a wire ClosetMaid kit from Home Depot that provided a ton of extra storage. Perfect for smaller hanging items, too.

We’ve got a ton stored in here. Extra diaper pail bags and wipes, the Boppy newborn lounger, the Skip Hop Duo gray diaper bag, our Ergobaby 360, and baskets of blankets and miscellaneous toys. (The aden + anais lovestruck swaddles are so freaking cute.)

We used these cheap hangers from Amazon for hanging. I’d say about 60% of the clothes you see here are from yard sales. Another 30% we got as gifts, and then the remaining 10% I caved and bought new, which I said I wouldn’t do for newborn to six month stuff, which is the size range for everything here. 🙂

Baby clothes hanging in an organized closet
Baby clothes hanging in an organized closet
Baby clothes hanging in an organized closet
Baby clothes hanging in an organized closet

Nightstand Area

To the right of the closet is Ikea Hemnes nightstand in White Stain, which I put the little bear sound machine/nightlight and humidifier on. I asked around a lot for humidifier recommendations, and most people said “all humidifiers suck and are hard to clean,” so I just went with one that had decent reviews.

I will say—this one looks really nice in addition to having great reviews. Let’s hope it holds up. (I originally got this one, but then I got really sick while pregnant and started using it in our room!)

You’ll also see the baby monitor mounted to the wall. This was another thing I asked around about, and I had a hard time finding a monitor that was reasonably priced but had great reviews. We settled on this one, the Summer Infant Digital Color Video Monitor.

It has a little unit you can carry around the house, and the picture and sound quality are definitely good. Based on the testing we’ve done, I’d recommend it as a reasonably priced video monitor. I ordered these sticky cable control clips to secure the monitor cord.

modern gender-neutral nursery

Also in this little corner:

  • Owl art, I used this tapestry and stapled it around an old canvas…this is an old project that I moved from elsewhere in the house. I just love this guy!
  • Golden pothos plant in an Ikea Druvflader hanging pot. You can’t beat this guy at 8 bucks. I did extend it a bit using some wooden beads and string so it hung at a more appropriate length.
  • Little deer picture that I printed from a free stock photo website (he was in this post I did on 20 free stock photos of animals you can print for your home)
  • Two stunningly beautiful handmade blankets draped over the side of the crib. The pink, white, and gray one was made by my grandma, and the black and white one was made by my coworker. They are two of my absolute favorite gifts that we got…so soft, and most importantly, so much love went into both of them. 🙂

Crib Area

And this is my favorite view of the room.

modern gender-neutral nursery
modern gender-neutral nursery

I wanted a simple crib that did not transition into a toddler bed (I figure we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it). I thought about the Ikea Gulliver crib but really wanted a gray one…the Babyletto Hudson crib is beautiful, but again, was a convertible crib and was pricey.

Since I was NOT about to be painting a bunch of annoying little spindles while pregnant and barfing 24/7 and didn’t want to spend $350+, I decided on this Viv + Rae Crib. It was originally $260, but I think we got it for about $150. (It’s now on a closeout sale for under $100 if you can snag it, but if not, here, here, and here are some very similar options.) The perfect crib for a modern gender-neutral nursery.

I went to old trusty target for the swiss cross crib sheet and snagged the Sealy foam-core mattress and additional waterproof cover from Amazon. The rug in front of the crib is older, purchased from Homegoods a few years ago and relocated from elsewhere in the house.

modern gender-neutral nursery

To the right of the crib…

To the right of the crib, I relocated a snake plant from elsewhere in the house. It’s planted in a construction bucket from Home Depot, which fit perfect into the basket from Homegoods (also purchased a few years ago). I also threw the Dekor Diaper Pail here because it’s right next to the dresser/changing pad.

Btw, I only decided on the Dekor over the Diaper Genie because it was a little cheaper and seemed to have comparable—if not better—reviews. I hung a DIY mobile in this corner as well. It’s made out of an embroidery hoop, painted wooden stars and beads, clear jewelry string, and glue. Sorry, no tutorial. But isn’t it cute? 🙂

modern gender-neutral nursery
handmade nursery mobile

Dresser/Changing Area

Here’s a view of the whole corner—you can see the Ikea Hemnes Dresser in White Stain we decided on as a combo dresser/changing table. We also threw a bunch of Ikea Skubb drawer organizers into the dresser to help corral smaller items (more pics below). I decided on using the Hemnes dresser and Skubb organizers after chatting with my friend Chelsea at Two Twenty One and seeing her post on how she organized her son’s dresser.

Though I did opt for the smaller Hemnes dresser since the room is smaller and has a weird layout with all the windows and door. For the changing pad, we used this ultra-affordable option with the cute Cloud Island Plush Scallop cover. We used some sticky fasteners to secure it in place on top of the dresser.

modern gender-neutral nursery
A Modern and Neutral Nursery

Here are a few shots of the organizers in the drawers. We have Skubb organizers in the top drawer and some other Ikea drawer organizers that I can’t for the life of me find a link to in the middle drawer. As for the organization—I’m sure that will change (and get less organized).

But I went ahead and put spare onesies, wipes, waterproof changing pad liners, and diaper creams/other health-related items up here. We received a few other brands of wipes at our shower, but we plan to use the Amazon subscription service for their Elements line sensitive wipes (if they work out well for baby). You can’t beat the price and convenience.

The middle drawer has tons of swag: burp clothes I made to use up a bunch of fabric scraps, bibs, hats, socks, mittens, pants, teethers, pacifiers, etc. I also got some cloth diaper inserts from Jo-Ann to use as rags even though we’re not cloth diapering.

nursery drawer organization
nursery drawer organization
nursery drawer organization
nursery drawer organization
A Modern and Neutral Nursery
A Modern and Neutral Nursery

Rocking/Reading Area

And then last but not least, we have this little corner, which has the rocker and book shelving. I’m a little embarrassed about how much I stressed out about a rocker. Lots of people told me that we absolutely had to have a comfy rocker/glider…that it was totally essential to my sanity.

Ultimately, the space constraints helped me make my decision on the Ikea Poang Armchair in birch veneer with a Finnsta gray cushion. Gliders are HUGE, and we just didn’t really have the space for one without things getting really cramped. After we visited an Ikea and sat in the two Poang models (the armchair and the rocker), we both decided the armchair was best.

The Poang rocker itself is very comfy, especially with the headrest, but I’ve read online that having a Boppy or other type of pillow helps when holding a baby in the Poang, so that’s where I threw our Boppy (with its Swiss cross cover). Perfect fit for a modern gender-neutral nursery. In this shot, I also have a DIY play mat draped over Poang chair—I made it by sandwiching a piece of very thick batting between decorative fabric and fleece fabric.

For the bookshelves, we used Ikea Mosslanda picture frame ledges. They come in a few different lengths, so I decided to get a few and arrange them with an Ikea Ribba frame that I put a free geometric cat printable in (get it here). The plants on here are also from Ikea and are fake. There’s no way in hell I can keep a real orchid alive, but Ikea does a pretty good fake one.

Ikea poang rocker in a nursery
Ikea Poang in a nursery
Nursery bookshelves

Miscellaneous Stuff

And just a few other miscellaneous notes about the space: we currently have the Auto Rock n Play we got stored in here, but we’ll probably move that to our room or the living room. Several trusted sources have described this as an absolute must-have item.

As for the windows, we went with Blackout Cordless Shades in White. They work very well and are very sleek. We have the light-filtering ones on some other windows in our house…the blackout ones are much more expensive, but they are worth it for baby’s room. The best past about these shades is that they look custom but aren’t. You have them cut right to size in store.(We have the cheap blackout shades in our bedroom, and now I want to upgrade to these. They work so much better and are much less of a PITA).

I also made the curtains in the room. When I saw this fabric at Jo-Ann, I knew it was perfect! I just made a simple rod-pocket style curtain because I didn’t want to mess with anything more complicated. This was my first time making curtains from scratch. I’ll admit that it was way more time-consuming that I thought it’d be, but I am happy with the results. Plus, with Jo-Ann coupons, I was able to get the fabric for 60% off with a second 20% off coupon stacked on top.

rock n play
handmade nursery curtains

And here’s a full source list of everything:

Closet Area

Nightstand Corner

Crib Area

Dresser/Changing Table

Reading Corner



  • Curtains, DIY
  • Playmat (draped over Poang chair), DIY
  • Paint colors: Behr Silver City and Dark Granite

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Ramona's modern gender-neutral nursery tour
Ramona's modern gender-neutral nursery tour
Ramona's modern gender-neutral nursery tour
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Sunday 10th of December 2017

This is amazing!!! The room is beautiful while all the items are affordable! I am making notes for my triplet nursery in progress :) Hope you will continue writing. Congratulations on your beautiful doughter.

Brittany Goldwyn

Monday 11th of December 2017

Hi Olga! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I might be back some day, we'll see once things calm down :) Good luck with your triplets!!

Julie McNeill

Thursday 30th of November 2017

Ramona is a lucky little girl; her room is BEAUTIFUL (almost as beautiful as her!)

cassie bustamante

Thursday 30th of November 2017

you know i love it- just adorable!!!!!! as is ramona! so so happy for you and can't wait to meet her!

Brittany Goldwyn

Friday 1st of December 2017

Thanks lady!!

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