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16 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants: Stunning Trailing Houseplants!

Looking for the best indoor hanging plants for your home? Hanging plants are an amazing and easy way to bring life to your home while also making it look great. Here are some of my favorite trailing indoor plants.

16 of the Best Indoor Hanging Plants: Stunning Trailing Plants for Your Home

Today I am finally getting around to rounding up all of my care posts for some of my favorite gorgeous trailing plants. Finding the best indoor hanging plants for your home is a great way to help purify your air and make your rooms look gorgeous while also keeping your plants up and off the floor.

best hanging plants

1. Pothos Hanging Plants

Pothos care is simple—and pothos plants are some of the most classic hanging plants you’ll find in big box nursery stores or nurseries. There are several different varieties you’ll likely encounter. Here are some of the most common:

  • Golden pothos, which is variegated with green and yellow, sometimes hints of off-white
  • Marble queen pothos, which is off-white and green
  • Emerald/jade pothos, which is solid green
  • Neon pothos, which is a solid neon green

I have quite a few pothos plants hanging around my home. They also look lovely high up on shelves trailing down or pinned up onto a wall to give an “ivy-like” look. Here are a few pics of my pothos plants.

pothos hanging indoor plant in gold post hanging from the ceiling
woman holding a large golden pothos
snow queen pothos plant
trailing marble queen pothos plant
pothos hanging plant in gold pot hanging from ceiling against a black wall

2. Ric Rac Cactus

The ric rac cactus is a newer member of my hanging plant family, and it’s one of my favorites. A ric rac cactus was on my wish list for quite a while before I bit the bullet and ordered one online.

It is growing really quickly, too. I can’t wait to be able to trim some cuttings for these to give them away to my plant-loving friends and fam.

Indoor hanging ric rac cactus in white hanging planter in front of window
Indoor hanging ric rac cactus in white hanging planter in front of window
Indoor hanging ric rac cactus in white hanging planter in front of window

3. Hoya Carnosa Plants

Hoya carnosa plants, more commonly known as wax plants, have been a houseplant staple for decades. The thick, waxy leaves and vines climb and vine up and down, creating a full and lovely look.

There are different varieties, but you’ll likely find the ones pictured below: jade carnosa, carnosa krimson queen, and the carnosa krimson princess.

woman holding a jade hoya carnosa
how tricolor variegata
hoya krimson princess care

4. Hoya Rope Plants

Hoya rope plants are actually a type of hoya carnosa—hoya carnosa compacta. However, I think they are cool enough to warrant their own call-out here. The stems on the hoya rope plant are thicker than the long, spindly stems on the other hoya carnosas.

But the biggest difference is the leaves. On the hoya rope plant, the leaves twist and curl, creating a gorgeous rope-like effect. They trail down and are heavy, so they can be draped up along other things.

I had never seen a mature rope plant in real life until my friend found this one in Texas and sent it to me. It is an absolute stunner. Now I have three rope plants, and they remain one of my favorite types of hoya.

hoya rope plant with trailing stems
hoya rope plant, one of the best hanging indoor plants
woman holding two hoya rope plants

5. String of Pearls Trailing Succulent Plants

The string of pearls succulent has the most amazing pea-looking round pearl-shaped leaves that trail on dainty stems. A healthy plant is full of gorgeous pearls that can grow several feed long. I have one hanging in front of a sunny window. As a bonus, this plant is incredibly easy to propagate.

the best indoor hanging plants
String of pearls cascading down the sides of white planter sitting a shelf

6. Burro’s Tail Succulent Plants

Burro’s tail is another gorgeous trailing succulent. The chunky leaves cascade down thick succulent stems—and the leaves are fragile, so be careful! It is a more compact hanging plant, and it needs a lot of light, so reserve a sunny window for this one.

Like the string of pearls, it’s also easy to propagate from leaves. And the leaves are super fragile, so propagating the ones that fall off is a great idea!

Donkey's tail in white and clay indoor hanging planter trailing over the side of planter
Donkey's tail in white and clay indoor hanging planter trailing over the side of planter
burro's tail succulent care

7. Rhipsalis Trailing Cactus Plants

My husband got me my first rhipsalis plant, the rhipsalis campos-portoana, for mother’s day. There are many different rhipsalis varieties, and they all have some sort of branching, leggy stems that look lovely in hanging planters.

You’ll likely find this plant labeled as “mistletoe cactus” at your local nursery, but that typically refers to one type of rhipsalis cactus. There are many lovely varieties.

Rhipsalis in white hanging planter trailing over and through the planter next to it
small rhipsalis plant
trailing rhipsalis plant
screenshot of instagram account

8. Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heart-leaf philodendron is often confused with pothos plants. While they do have similar leaf shapes and sizes, and while the plants themselves trail the same way and often even have similar variegations, they are totally different plants.

They have similar care needs, though, and are both very easy to care for. One of my favorite varieties of this plant is the philodendron Brasil, which has gorgeous bright green and yellow variegations. The leaves are also quite showy and shiny.

Heart-leaf philodendron vining in the wall
large bushy philodendron brasil plant
hanging heart-leaf philodendron plant
lemon lime philodendron

9. Philodendron Micans

Another very popular type of heart-leaf trailing philodendron is micans. Micans is very much like more traditional heart-leaf philodendron, except the leaves have a gorgeous green velvet finish.

The undersides of the leaves are an almost purple-ish color. I find that this variety likes more humidity than other heart-leave philodendrons.

philodendron micans
philodendron micans plant

10. Spider Plants

Spider plants are another houseplant staple. Their long curly leaves look great in hanging baskets, but the real show-stopper on these plants is the stems and babies. Spider plants shoot out long stems, at the end of which are baby spider plants!

These create a gorgeous waterfall of plants. Check my mom’s spider plant out. It has tons of spider plants ready to cut off, root, and propagate. But you can also just leave them on the plants and let them continue to cascade.

Spider plant in hanging planter in front of window

11. Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plants

The gorgeous variegation on wandering dude plants—purple, green, and silver—can vary in how vivd it is. Sometimes the green and silver markings show quite vividly, whereas other times the plant is more of a purple color. It’s gorgeous either way! Learn all about how to care for wandering tradescantia zebrina plants here.

Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plant
Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plant

12. Tradescantia Nanouk Plants

The tradescantia nanouk plant is a newer variegation of watering jew plants (their official name is tradescantia zebrina). The plant has a similar size and structure to other varieties of wandering jew, but the plant lacks the normal purple color. Instead, the variegation is more hot pink, pastel pink, and pastel green.

This plant is harder to come by than many of the other plants on this list, but I was able to get my hands on a small one at a nearby nursery. The plant is in such high demand that they had a buying limit on them! That always makes me happy because it just means that people won’t be able to snatch them all up.

Tradescantia Nanouk plant
best indoor hanging plants
huge tradescantia nanouk plant

13. String of Hearts Trailing Plant

String of hearts is another trendy plant that has been in high demand lately. It is dainty and remains fairly compact, but its fine stems can trail up to several feet long. Mine is relatively juvenile now, so I’ve got it on a shelf.

The stems can get super long and produce really cool looking tubular flowers. And there is a variegated version of string of hearts that is quite lovely, too.

best indoor hanging plants
string of hearts care
long trailing string of hearts

14. Curly Orchid Cactus Hanging Plants

My curly orchid cactus looks stunning hanging in my leather plant pot holder. I love how low maintenance this plant is—just a bit of water every once in a while, and its long curly stems grow like weeds. This plant is also closely related to the night-blooming cereus plant, which also has a trailing habit and looks lovely!

Curly orchid cactus in grey and white hanging planter in front of window
curly orchid cactus

15. Staghorn Fern

I have to admit, I am not a fern girl. Ferns and I just don’t get a long. But I like admiring them from afar, and I always give staghorn ferns a second look when I see them. They are so unique looking and can often look amazing hanging on walls instead of ceilings.

staghorn fern
staghorn fern

16. Lipstick Plants

And finally, last on the list are lipstick plants! Lipstick plants have a couple of different varieties that you’re likely to find in your local nursery, but my absolute favorite has to be the curly/rasta lipstick plant variety. How stunning is this one hanging in my living room?

Lipstick plant in hanging planter in front of window
beautiful lipstick plant

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Image collage of the best indoor hanging plants with text 16 Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Your Home

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