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Ikea Couch Cover Replacement Review

I’m sharing a review of the Ikea couch cover replacement we ordered for our Nockeby sectional sofa!

Reviewing our Ikea Nockeby couch cover replacement!

Hey all! Today’s article is all about a quick thrifty win we had recently. And it’s also the story of a couch. A once beloved couch turned old, stained, and ratty—but that I was able to transform into a brand new piece quickly and easily.

When a couch get old, I think the first thing many people want to do is replace it. But couches are big and expensive. And if the structure of it is fine and the issues are largely cosmetic, why not consider new covers? I am so glad we went this route with our Ikea Nockeby sectional.

Our Ikea couch

We truly love this couch. But when we moved into our current smaller home, we were unable to fit it in the living room. So we put it in the unfinished basement. I knew that we would likely be finishing part of the basement, and it would be the perfect space for our old couch.

But it had seen better days for sure. We got it about 6 years ago. Even though the covers were removable and washable, it wasn’t something we did enough. I had a baby. She threw up a lot. Stains set in even after washing. She got older and spilled things. The cats tore up the corners. You get the picture.

But the structure was solid and the cushions were only showing minor signs of age and use. The couch itself has really held up well! So I started exploring Ikea couch cover replacement options.

scratched up Ikea couch
stained ikea couch
old Ikea nockeby sectional
stained Ikea couch
scratched up Ikea couch

Option #1: Bemz

The first option I explored was the company Bemz. This is a company I’d heard of in the past, but I hadn’t looked too deeply into their product offerings.

Here are a few of the things I liked about the company:

  • Large, stable company with customer service
  • Order up to 5 fabric samples for free
  • Free shipping over $150
  • Great reviews
  • Many fabric choices
  • Selection of already-made covers for discounted prices in the “outlet” section
  • Decent shipping time; all covers are sewn to order in and shipped from Europe, so most covers will take 3-5 weeks to complete
  • Return within 14 days for an administrative fee

However, one major detractor for me was that the color options were limited in their “recycled velvet” fabric, which is really like a microfiber. I ordered swatches, and they came in a timely fashion, but I wasn’t crazy about any of the colors.

Another detractor was the price. For my Nockeby sectional with a chaise, covers in the recycled velvet option came in at over $700. Still cheaper than a new couch for sure, but more than I wanted to spend.

woman painting in a basement
Bemz swatches on our old couch

Option #2: Family Cover Lab

Family Cover Lab is a small business I found while researching—their inventory and options are all on Etsy. They have amazing reviews and over 10,000 sales. Gorgeous photography and lots of photos of real products included with reviews. I love to see that.

Here’s what I liked about Family Cover Lab:

  • Lots of sales and stellar reviews
  • Many fabric choices
  • Etsy is a reliable third-party vendor to purchase through
  • Affordable choice
  • Fast production time of 2-3 weeks and then another week or so for shipping from Lithuania
  • Selection of a bunch of “outlet” items that are ready to ship
  • Accept returns within 30 days after receiving the initial order (cost for non-EU countries is 40 Euros)

As of writing this, you can order sample fabric swatches for $11.44, shipping included, and they ship pretty fast. So while it isn’t free, it’s incredibly reasonable. The cost was good, too—for what I needed, Family Cover Lab came in at $403.75.

However, while the fabric choices are diverse, the colors in the specific fabric I wanted to get were not. I really wanted their “Tiffany” line, which is a 100% polyester “velvet-like” fabric. They offer nine lovely colors, but none of them were exactly was I was looking for. Bummer!

screenshot of the family cover lab etsy shop

Option #3: Petbitat Studio

Which brings me to the third and final options—Petbitat Studio! Also on Etsy, Petbitat Studio offers a lot of the same pros as Family Cover Lab does.

Here’s what I liked about Petbitat Studio:

  • Lots of sales (over 50,000!) and stellar reviews
  • Many, many fabric choices and colors
  • Etsy is a reliable third-party vendor to purchase through
  • Affordable choice
  • Decent production and shipping time from Hong Kong
  • Selection of a bunch of “outlet” items that are ready to ship

Things I didn’t like…I was a bit skeptical of the stock photos used for the colors. I know they have to do that because of the high number of fabrics and colors offered. But I really like to see the actual product. Luckily there were enough photos with reviews, so I felt confident moving forward.

I ordered fabric swatches to check them out in person—it cost me $5 for 5 samples, and I actually ordered 10 samples for $10. There were just too many good colors in the “velvet-like” 100% polyester fabric. They came shockingly fast from Hong Kong, just a couple days later.

The price also looked good for what I needed. It came in at $289, which was amazing. And you could also choose a free fabric remote holder or pet bed! This was a nice perk.

screenshot of the petbitat etsy shop
fabric swatches from petbitat
My kid turned the swatches into dollhouse rugs

Our couch with new covers

And I ultimately loved the fabric swatch V35. It looked like a dark gray with slightly purple undertones. So we decided to take the plunge and order the covers from Petbitat Studio. They took a while to arrive—I ordered them on January 11th, and they arrived from Hong Kong on February 5th.

But I expected that completely knowing they were made to order and were coming from across the world. Totally, totally worth the wait! The covers really blew us away. They appear very well made, and I don’t see any issues or loose strings on them.

They came in a surprisingly small package vacuum sealed in plastic. I did not wash or steam these or anything. I just put them on the couch and cushions, and we didn’t have any issues with wrinkles or smell.

Petbitat ikea couch cover replacement
purple Petbitat ikea couch cover replacement
zipper on a Petbitat ikea couch cover replacement
Petbitat ikea couch cover
Petbitat ikea couch cover pieces

In conclusion…

These covers make the PERFECT Ikea couch cover replacement. It is amazing how much of a difference they make! They went on so easily, and we’ve had them for about 2 months now. They are so comfy and truly gave us a brand new couch.

Ikea couch cover replacement on a nockeby
Ikea couch cover replacement on a nockeby

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collage that says reviewing our replacement ikea couch cover with before and after shots

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    Okay but where is that amazing pink flower lamp from!

    • Brittany Goldwyn says:

      Hi! It’s a vintage piece! 🙂 Google “calla lily lamp” and you’ll see some online!

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