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Free Test Tube Propagation SVG Files

If you have a laser cutting machine and want to make something for the plant lovers in your life, download my free test tube propagation SVG files! For personal use only.

Free test tube propagation SVG files for laser cutting machines!

Hey all! If you recently saw my xTool S1 review post, you already know that the first project I did to test out the machine was make test tube propagation stations. These don’t need to be cut on the S1, of course—they can be cut on any laser cutting machine.

I cut mine out of two different thicknesses of wood. First, I did a 3mm basswood. Then I did a 6mm basswood. Both turned out great, so I’m sharing the files for both wood thickness options with you all. I also have an option for four test tubes and for six test tubes.

woman holding a DIY test tube propagation station

So here’s what I used…

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  • Laser cutting machine; I used my S1, but you can use any machine (if you’re new to laser cutting machines, the xTool M1 is a great option)
  • Appropriate material; what you use is up to you—I used basswood in 3mm and 6mm thicknesses
  • Strong glue, paper towels, and a toothpick
  • Finish of your choice; I used spray paint
  • 1″ test tubes; these are the ones I used
3D model of test tube propagation station files

And here’s a look at cutting out the free test tube propagation SVG files!

Always take the proper precautions and safety measures before working with any tools or materials. Wear safety equipment and work with a professional to complete projects when necessary. Read my full terms of use and disclosure for more. Happy making and stay safe!

Step 1: Download the files and choose the appropriate one

As I mentioned, I have designs that can accomodate 4 test tubes and 6 test tubes. Each of those designs also has files for 3mm (1/8″) thick and 6mm (1/4″) thick materials. I used basswood for both of my stands.

Note that the ones with longer finger joints are the files sized for 6mm (1/4″) materials. Make sure you cut the right one based on your material’s thickness—and don’t resize these or the joints won’t fit!

I use Grow by Mediavine to manage and deliver all of my exclusive freebies. To download all of the free test tube propagation SVG files, sign up below! Please note that you’ll also get PDF, EPS, and AI copies if you prefer to use those.

Here is the link to the Dropbox folder with the files! Enjoy, and I’d love to see what you make.

plants in a window with text that says propagation stand files

Step 2: Cut the pieces

Next you’ll need to cut the pieces. Again, I used my xTool S1, but you can use anything. I also didn’t worry too much about scorch markings because I knew I was painting this piece.

xTool S1 laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine cutting out a DIY test tube propagation holder

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Step 3: Glue pieces together

Next I used E6000 to glue the pieces together. As a tip—and since I knew I would paint over it—I glued the joints…but I also ran a line of glue along the interior corners. And then I used my toothpick to smooth it out, kind of like caulk.

This isn’t totally necessary, but I wanted to create as strong of a bond as possible. This stuff smells nasty, too. So I worked outside on my potting bench.

E6000 glue
DIY test tube propagation station made on a laser cutting machine

Step 4: Finish as desired and add plants

I used some hunter green spray paint I had on hand in the craft closet to paint both of my prop stands. The color looks great with the plant cuttings in them!

After the piece had dried completely, I added my test tubes with water and popped some cuttings in. The 1″ test tubes are the perfect fit. They go in easily but are not too snug once in the holes.

test tube
DIY test tube propagation station made on a laser cutting machine
DIY test tube propagation station made on a laser cutting machine
DIY test tube propagation station made on a laser cutting machine

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Pin my free test tube propagation SVG files!

collage that says want free laser machine prop stand cut files with pictures of the project

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