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Feline Stomatitis Care

What is Stomatitis in Cats: Feline Stomatitis Treatment & Blanche

If you’re wondering “what is stomatitis in cats” or looking for feline stomatitis treatment options, you’ll want to read this post about our kitty Blanche. I’m hoping it will help you if you are facing a feline stomatitis diagnosis and you stumble onto this post! Feline stomatitis treatment Today I am sharing something totally different. …

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DIY raised dog feeder build plans

DIY Raised Dog Feeder

This post shares free DIY raised dog feeder build plans. Learn how to make a chic, modern DIY dog food stand for the pup in your life! DIY Raised Dog Feeder Build Plans Hey all, boy do I have a treat to share today! I’ve teamed up with Anika from Anika’s DIY Life on a …

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Cats are better than people free cut file

Cats > People Free SVG Cut File

This post shares a free “cats are better than people” cut file in .svg form that you can use in any major cutting machine. These files are for personal use only. This post also contains affiliate links, which you can read more about here. Cats Are Better Than People Free Cut File Hey everyone, it’s …

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Indoor Cat House Plans

This post shares my indoor cat house plans. This easy-to-build piece is both a stylish side table and a cat house—the perfect piece for any cat lover’s room.  Indoor Cat House Plans: How to Build a Cat House! Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve shared build plans, I know. I was just telling …

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DIY Fishing Pole Cat Teaser Toy #diy #crafts #cattoy #cattoydiy #cattoys #diycattoys #feltcattoys

DIY Cat Teaser Wand

This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy DIY cat teaser wand for your kitties—with a fun twist for Valentine’s Day. DIY Cat Teaser Wand Yeah, I made Valentine’s Day toys for my kitties. You got something to say about how much I love my cats? No? Good 🙂 I had my sewing …

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