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5 Laser Cutter Hidey Houses I’ve Made

Looking for a fun way to spoil your rodents? Here are five laser cutter hidey houses I’ve made for hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice. Affiliate links below; read more about those here.

5 laser cutter hidey houses for guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, & rats!

If you’re not new around here, you might be surprised to see me sharing 5 laser cutter hidey houses I’ve made. Why? Because I don’t have anything smaller than a cat! I’ve been making houses for guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and rats too! 🙂

But don’t you have cats, Brittany? Cats that you worship? Yes, I do. I wouldn’t ever bring any small rodents into my house, because the ones that do make their way into the basement meet a quick end. But we do have friends with small rodents!

I shared my xTool M1 laser cutting machine review a while back. I have been having an absolute blast getting to know this machine. And given the max project area size of 12×15 inches (285x300mm), making houses for small rodents is perfect.

Some of our best friends have guinea pigs and, more recently, a baby rat. Another friend is a big hamster fan. And I’ve mostly just had a hard time not getting some of these laser cut files to make because they are adorable.

So I got 5 different file sets and made them. I’m sharing the results here, as well as the sizes of rodents they’d be good for. All of them went together beautifully, and that’s a big deal considering no one wants to waste wood!

So let’s talk rodent homes. All of the ones you’ll see in this post I have actually cut and made on my xTool M1 machine. Check them out!

cutting pieces out of wood for a retro camper hidey house

1. Retro TV hidey house in three different sizes

This was the first house I made. I originally bought the file to make a larger version—when you buy the file, it comes with three different sizes. However, my M1 machine wasn’t big enough to make the size I wanted.

So instead I decided to make the smallest version, which is a good size for guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, or mice. I made it for a friend who has guinea pigs and a baby rat. And it’s a pretty good size!

You could easily make this a bit cozier by adding a blanket into the TV area. I know guinea pigs like to burrow. And how cute is it? Just don’t show it to little kids…my daughter made me feel very old when she asked if it was a microwave 🙂

I’m definitely going to be making the largest version of this file for my cats when I have a machine that can cut larger sizes! I love the bunny ears. You can check out the retro TV hidey house laser cut files for more.

retro tv-shaped hidey house
retro tv-shaped hidey house made on a laser cutter

2. Hidey house with platform, fence, and ramp

The hidey house with a platform, fence, and ramp is the perfect playground for a guinea pig, hamster, mouse, rat…whatever. That’s because when you purchase the file, you get a ton of different sizes. I chose the 1/8″ smaller version—so the smallest one available.

Because I chose this one, it’s probably too small for a guinea pig. But perfect for a hamster, mouse, or rat. My friend said it looks great for her baby rat Clawdia 🙂

This one was extremely easy to put together. And my M1 machine’s air assist cut the intricate fending beautifully. No matter what size you’re looking for, this file has something that will meet your needs. And it’s just so cute!

hidey house with slide made on an xtool M1
hidey house with slide made on a laser cutter

3. Simple hidey house for a hamster or mouse

A simple tiny house might be all that you need. However, check the measurements first. There is only one size in this cut file, and it’s pretty small. Definitely too small for a guinea pig, but it might fit a hamster.

It would definitely be big enough for a mouse or small rat. Since it’s pretty small, it’s also a great project to use up scrap 1/8″ wood. It went together really quickly, and it would also make a cute addition to a larger hidey house setup. Check out the simple tiny house files here.

small hidey house for a mouse
small hidey house for a mouse

4. Retro RV camper hidey house

The absolutely adorable retro RV camper hidey house was so fun to put together. I definitely needed to follow the instructions on assembling this one, but it wasn’t hard. Just took a bit more time.

I love the scoring details on this file, too. The M1 cut this file beautifully with air assist. I think a combination of scoring and cutting gives wood laser cutter projects a lot of extra character. Also, who doesn’t love retro campers? The 1/8″ version I made is actually pretty large—definitely large enough for guinea pigs.

You could also put a blanket in there for smaller hamsters, mice, or rats so that they feel more secure. And honestly, my daughter just wanted to keep this one to use to play with! Check out the file and sizes available here.

retro camper hidey house made on a laser cutter
DIY retro camper hidey house

5. Modern hidey house with stairs and a platform

The modern hidey house is similar to the hidey house with a fence and ramp I featured earlier in this post. I liked the modern version because it has a hidey house area, a platform, a fence, and a cute curved roof with round windows.

This one also comes in a variety of sizes, and I made the 1/8″ version with this material, which is one of the smallest versions. The size wouldn’t be appropriate for a guinea pig, but the bigger ones certainly would.

The size I made would be great for a hamster, mouse, or rat. And the staircase is so cute! Read more about this cute hidey house here.

laser cutter hamster hidey house
hidey house made on a laser cutter

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