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Hide TV Cords in a Wall

Today I’m sharing how we hide TV cords in a wall! If you’re looking for tips about how to disguise wires from a wall-mounted TV, this post is for you. This post also contains affiliate links. You can read more about that here. Thank you!

A quick tip about how to hide TV cords in the wall

I honestly didn’t think it was even worth writing about our living room cord control solutions because there are a zillion posts about it. But people keep asking me—and no, I don’t just edit out the cords before posting photos! They really are hidden 100% of the time.

So when a friend asked me the other day, “but whar are cords,” I thought, let’s bang this post out. I’m going to chat two simple cord control solutions: one for the TV and one for the wire nest created by all of the electronics we have here (Alexa, wireless router, external speakers, etc).

modern living room with a wall-mounted TV on a black wall

How to Hide Cords Behind a TV

The first solution addresses the TV wires. I was extremely adamant that we have a wall-mounted TV when we moved in. It’s hard to make a TV look cute, so a lot of people hide them. But I decided the best solution for us was to make it look as chic as possible.

That meant painting the accent wall behind it black to help it stand out less (also I love black walls) and wall mounting it. I don’t remember what kind of mount we have; we just bought an appropriate one at Best Buy when we got the TV. It allows you to pull the TV out from the wall and tilt/rotate it a bit, which is a nice option.

painting a wall black
hanging a TV mount on a black living room wall
hanging a TV on a black living room wall

After the TV was mounted, we had to address the wires. Some simply run down through a small hole in the drywall and them back out to plug in behind the white TV unit. Really, nothing fancy.

We added two 1-gang outlet plates with circle openings to keep things looking clean. Considering this spot was hidden, we probably could have just left a hole. But it’s all in the details.

outlet to hide TV cords in a wall
Going in the wall…
outlet to hide TV cords in a wall
…and coming back out!

The actual TV cord wasn’t long enough for this solution, so we moved an outlet up slightly to be hidden behind the TV. You can also kind of see it in the previous pictures.

outlet to hide TV cords in a wall

You can see the hole if you look behind the TV, but literally no one ever does that, and we’ll have to patch the drywall when we remove the TV and mount anyway. So this works fine for us.

How to Disguise Wires From a Wall-Mounted TV

Mike came up with an easy solution for the cord nest under the white TV unit, too. See the clump of wires below the unit? (Also, baby Ramona! Look how cute and plump you were before you could move!)

baby on a living room floor

It’s simply a slim piece of wood attached to the wall using a few L-brackets. The cords then rest on top of that and are hidden away from both your eyes and baby’s reach.

how to organize TV cords behind a TV unit

Again, doesn’t look that pretty from the side, but you have to get down and really look to even see it’s there. It’s perfect! Everything just sits on it, and as you can see, we have a lot of tech crap.

And that’s that, folks. Isn’t is beautiful?

wall-mounted TV with totally hidden cords in a living room

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living room with text that says how to hide tv cords in the wall

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