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Vintage & Antique Shops in Frederick

Coming to Frederick, Maryland for some antiquing? I’m sharing the details about some of my favorite vintage, secondhand, and antique shops in Frederick! From big warehouses to smaller, more curated shops, there’s something for everyone.

I feel like I am lucky to live in an area that people travel to for good antiquing and thrifting—Frederick, Maryland. I lived most of my life not really recognizing this, mostly because it wasn’t until I got a bit older that I started really appreciating old stuff 😉

Now, here I am, 35 with money to spend and wanting to spend it on as much old stuff as I can! So I spend a lot of time popping into antique warehouses, thrift stores, vintage shops, and the like in Frederick. Time to kill before an appointment? A few hours to myself? Looking for something specific? Chances are that I will be hitting up a secondhand shop!

So I decided to put together a list of my favorite antique, thrift, and secondhand shops in Frederick and share some pics from recent trips. I’ll share what I like about each one and what you can expect for your visit. From large warehouses to small, curated shops, Frederick has it all!

Keep in mind that this list is focused mostly on wares for the home, furniture, decor, and the like. But I love all the old stuff, so I’ll touch on some of that, too. (Like this? Check out my post about how to shop online estate sales and auctions for more!)

glassware and other items at emporium antiques

1. Old Glory Antiques off of Rt. 355

The first up is Old Glory Antiques located at 5862 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704. They are open Friday through Wednesday, 10–6PM. Thursdays, they are open 10–8PM.

There isn’t that much available online about Old Glory Antiques. They don’t even have their own website. Don’t let that deter you! It’s a fantastic find if you’re in the mood for some leisurely browsing, thrifty pickin, and creepy old dolls.

exterior of old glory antiques
midcentury natty boh bar stools at old glory antiques
His and hers Natty Boh barstools!

Old Glory Antiques is conveniently located in a central location. It has a large parking lot, so no worries about those logistics. When you enter, it looks like any other large indoor antique mall. Old Glory houses over 100 vendors throughout the warehouse. And it’s a real blast from the past.

So much seriously cool stuff. Antique treasures, furniture, collectibles, and a variety of memorabilia. You really don’t know what you’ll find. I absolutely love just looking through all of the old stuff. They had some really cool lamps the last time I went, as well as lots of nice glassware.

Not a whole lot of midcentury-style furniture at Old Glory, but there were a few nice items. Regardless of what you’re looking for, if you’re a thrifter, picker, antiquer, and general lover of old stuff, check this place out. I’d budget as least an hour for leisurely browsing through the treasures.

midcentury table and glassware at old glory antiques

2. Emporium Antiques in downtown Frederick

Next up is my other favorite indoor antiques market: Emporium Antiques! It is located in downtown Frederick at 112 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701. They are open most days.

This place is *chef’s kiss* so good. It’s huge—bigger than Old Glory—with over 130 dealers. This place is like a wonderful maze of a few interconnected buildings that just seem to keep going. I would budget over an hour here for sure—likely more if you really want to take your time.

large midcentury wall unit at emporium antiques

And they have everything. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, art, china, maps, clothes and other textiles, and pretty much everything else you could image. The booths are very well put together, and I find the selection to generally be a bit higher end than Old Glory. It’s less for pickin.

But this comes at a bit of a price. I’d say their prices are a bit higher than Old Glory’s. But the selection is different. Emporium is more focused on furniture and other home wares, I’d say. They have a lot of furniture and generally more from the midcentury time period. This is what I like, so I view that as a bonus.

FYI if you’re visiting the area, this location is downtown. So there isn’t any dedicated parking. You’ll need to park on the street (metered, coins only—no credit cards) or in one of the many cheap parking garages downtown. So while they don’t have a parking lot, parking is really no biggie.

silver drink set

3. MC Vintage in downtown Frederick

MC Vintage, which is located in downtown Frederick at 24 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701, is an absolute treat if you like vintage mid-century. They have Frederick’s largest selection of mid-century modern furniture and decor from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The items in the shop are highly curated—this is not a place for picking or digging.

The prices are often out of my price range, but I have gotten a few small things here. I also enjoy browsing through and seeing what they have. I have heard a lot of complaints about things at MC Vintage being overpriced…but I have also seen them selling things for less than others. A lamp, specifically (I was too late to get in and grab it, though!).

midcentury dining set at mc vintage
retro tulip table and chairs at mc vintage

The prime location right near the main square corner where Patrick and Market intersect is top-notch real estate for foot traffic, so their rent can’t be cheap. They also have a nice website where you can buy things—and they offer delivery around the Washington, DC area.

Make sure to check out their Instagram and Attic accounts, too. They are always posting new inventory. Keep in mind that since it is downtown, you’ll also have to either street park it with a meter (coins only, no credit cards) or park in a garage.

It is right near Emporium, so you should definitely plan to hit both if you have time! Stop into Cafe Nola next door while you’re at it. They have great good and my favorite bloody mary.

red, orange, and green glassware at mc vintage
colorful vintage glassware at mc vintage

4. Cannon Hill Place in downtown Frederick

Cannon Hill Place, located at 111 S Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701, is probably one of the first shops I really got into years ago. I love just the experience of walking around this building. It’s an old, two-story, very large building filled with goodies.

Cannon Hill offers eclectic blend of vintage dealers throughout. Wares include vintage clothing, jewelry, Victorian to mid-century furniture, art, posters, books, general home stuff, and more. In terms of the shopping experience, I’d probably put it somewhere between Old Glory and Emporium.

Emporium feels a bit more upscale to me, while old Glory is better for when I’m in a pickin’ mood. Both are equally good—just different. Cannon Hill seems to fall somewhere between those two for me.

While Cannon Hill is located downtown, it isn’t right in the middle of town. So you can likely easily snag some street parking nearby. If you don’t mind walking and want to hit multiple shops downtown (including Emporium and MC Vintage), you can park in the Carroll Creek garage. Cannon Hill is one way, Emporium and MC Vintage are another.

If you’re planning a visit, keep in mind that Cannon Hill’s hours are a bit more limited than some of the other shops I’ve mentioned. They are open 12-5 Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.

midcentury dining set at cannon hill antiques
midcentury sideboard

5. Gathered Goods in Frederick

Gathered Goods is a hidden gem located at 1105A E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701. It’s a bit more off the beaten path than some of the others in this post, and it’s an area of town I don’t really frequent given where I live. However, it’s worth popping in if you’re looking for antique shops in Frederick!

It is located in an old building two blocks east of the Great Frederick Fairgrounds. They carry a wide variety of items and update their inventory frequently. Depending on the direction you’re coming from, the entrance might be a bit hidden. Turn down Davis Avenue to access the parking lot—it is shared with the automotive place.

woman taking a mirror selfie

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