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Hoya Lacunosa Care

Learn all about Hoya Lacunosa care and propagation, including how to help the gorgeous “cinnamon hoya” thrive as a houseplant!

Hoya Lacunosa care guide

Just when I think I can’t go and get another hoya, I discover another one that I want. My friend has a Lacunosa in her bedroom that she raves about—hers constantly blooms and makes the room smell amazing.

I have only had one of my hoyas bloom. My Hoya Carnosa Compacta “rope plant.” It was so beautiful and had a light, sweet scent. But the blooms on the Lacunosa are supposed to smell like cinnamon. I can’t wait 🙂

large hoya lacunosa plant in a hanging basket

Hoya Lacunosa background

Like other Hoyas, the Hoya Lacunosa is from the Southeast Asian tropics. I’ve read that this species specifically is from Indonesia, but I’m not 100%. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were, though—once we go over the care requirements, you’ll see how perfect that climate is for this Hoya variety.

The Lacunosa has smaller, thinner leaves than some of the other more popular hoya varieties like the Hoya Carnosa, Hoya Obovata, and Hoya Australis. The shiny foliage grows in a dense pattern on long, trailing stems that look stunning in hanging planters.

hoya lacunosa leaves

How much light does a Hoya Lacunosa need?

While Hoya plants in general can do well in a variety of lighting conditions, the best light for a Hoya Lacunosa is bright, indirect light. 

Outdoors, Lacunosa will do well in shade or partial shade—but make sure that any direct sun isn’t too harsh. I’d only expose this plant’s delicate leaves to direct morning sun. Anything else will burn the leaves.

I’m planning to move my lacunosa outdoors to my covered patio next spring with many of my other large trailing Hoyas. They grow so well in the super bright indirect light!

hoya lacunosa

Watering needs

Hoya Lacunosa does not need a lot of water. Make sure you let the top several inches of soil dry out between watering. I generally let my Hoyas dry out almost completely before I water them again.

However, with the more delicate leaves on the Lacunosa, I water slightly more. (Kind of like I do with the Hoya Linearis, which has little pin-needle leaves.) If the leaves on your Lacunosa are yellowing and wilting, it might be due to overwatering. 

This means that you’ll probably water your Lacunosa once every 7–10 days in the spring and summer when it’s warmer out. In the fall and winter, you’ll water the plant much less. Colder temperatures mean the soil will stay wet for much longer!

When you water your plant, make sure you do so thoroughly. Water until water drains freely from the drainage holes in the pot. Every few waterings, I like to rinse off the leaves as well. It’s easiest to do this in the sink or shower—and it’s great for pest prevention!

yellowing leaf on a hoya lacunosa
Yellowing leaf on a Lacunosa

Lacunosa soil needs

Soil is an essential part of good Hoya Lacunosa care and a proper watering routine. If the soil is too dense, it can strangle the roots. A well-draining soil is critical. You can use any well-draining indoor houseplant soil for your hoya plants.

These types of mixtures come with soil, perlite, maybe coco coir or peat moss, and possibly a few other things thrown in to help facilitate drainage. (Read my soil 101 post for more about soil amendments.)

I generally like to throw in a bit more perlite or coco coir to help amp up the drainage even more, too. And I typically throw in a handful of organic worm castings to help with nutrients, too. I like to use this instead of fertilizer because it’s harder to mess up!

large hoya lacunosa plant in a hanging basket in a window

Hoya Lacunosa care: Temperature & humidity

Hoyas in general are not frost-hardy, and that includes the Lacunosa. You can take your plant outside in the spring and summer, but when temperatures begin dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit consistency at night…bring it in!

Hoyas are pretty tolerant and can survive a few night-time cold snaps. However, it will begin dropping leaves and just generally look unhappy if it is consistently cold. Regular houseplant temperatures are generally fine for this trailer.

As for humidity—Lacunosa is also fine with regular household humidity levels. However, it will really shine and give you the best new growth with higher humidity levels. (That’s why I love having my Hoyas outside for the humid summers!!)

You can add a humidifier to help with humidity levels. Misting is also a solution, albeit a more temporary one since the moisture evaporates much faster. I recently got this continuous mister (affiliate link) designed for hair stylists…and I LOVE using it for my plants! It’s a step up from a regular spray bottle 🙂

leaves on a hoya lacunosa plant

How fast does Hoya Lacunosa grow?

I have not noticed Hoya plants in general to be especially fast growers, and some are even reallllyyyy slow growers. In the right conditions, your Lacunosa can reach lengths of up to 3 feet long or more. And with such densely packed leaves, a mature Lacunosa is really a sight to see!

If you choose to pot instead of a hanging basket, make sure to give your Lacunosa something to climb. Like a trellis, a moss pole, or a DIY moss pole alternative.

large trailing hoya lacunosa plant

Does a Hoya Lacunosa bloom?

Yes! And they evidently have lovely cinnamon-scented flowers. Hoya Lacunosa will only bloom if it is a mature plant in happy conditions. Plenty of bright indirect light helps, and I’ve heard that being potbound does, too!

When they do loom, it is usually during the spring and summer—though my friend says hers blooms constantly year-round. After the blooms die, do NOT cut off the old peduncle (aka the base/stem of the flower). The plant will bloom again from this same spot…this goes for all Hoyas.

bloom on a hoya lacunosa
bloom on a hoya lacunosa

Where can I buy a Hoya Lacunosa?

My friend was lucky enough to snag a big basket at a big box plant store for cheap. I have personally never seen them around where I live—either at a big box store or a small independent nursery. Therefore, I chose to order mine online.

I looked around and eventually chose Etsy (affiliate link) because the reviews of the shop were great. And they were sending the actual pictured plant, which always eases my nerves a bit! This was the last plant I ordered this fall since it’s getting a bit cold. Until spring 🙂

Since the Lacunosa is harder to find, it will likely be a bit more expensive when you do find it. I have already re-homed a bunch of cuttings, though—so that might be one of your best options if you have a bit of patience!

large hoya lacunosa plant in a hanging basket

How to propagate a Hoya Lacunosa cutting

Speaking of cuttings—once you have them, do you know how to propagate a Lacunosa? It’s really simple. In fact, the steps I outline in my Hoya Carnosa propagation guide are basically the exact same. Here’s some quick info, though.

To propagate a Hoya Lacunosa, take a cutting that has a few leaves. Remove the bottom leave or two to expose the nodes (where the leaves meet the stems). If you’re pruning off leggy growth on your plant, this is also a good time to propagate!

I prefer propagating Hoyas in sphagnum moss and perlite, which is a really easy process. Simply dampen some moss and mix in some perlite. Then pop the cutting into the mixture and keep it humid until roots are a few inches long.

To keep the cutting humid, you can put a bag over it, taking it off every week or so to air out a big and check that the moss remains damp. Or you can use a clear DIY plant propagation box.

The best time to propagate Lacunosa—and all plants, really—is during the spring and summer. Enjoy your baby Lacunosa!

hoya lacunosa cuttings rooting in water
hoya lacunosa

For more Hoya care posts, check out my Hoya Carnosa Krimson queen care post, my Hoya Kerrii care post, and my Hoya Curtisii care guide!

Are Hoyas safe to have around pets?

Yes, Hoyas, including Hoya Lacunosa, is safe to have around pets. It is not toxic. However, it is not food and might still make your animals sick. Therefore, it’s best to keep all plants away from nosy animals.

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