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FrogTape vs Scotch Blue…Which is Better?

Are you new to painting and are wondering which painter’s tape is best? I’m outlining the two main types of painter’s tape and talking FrogTape vs Scotch Blue, as well as which I prefer for my projects.

FrogTape vs Scotch Blue…which painter’s tape is best?

I have done a lot of painting. Latex painting on walls, staining and finishing on wood, painting inside and outside, using acrylic paints on just about everything, spray painting everything within my line of sight…so I have a lot of experience using painter’s tape!

And I have used two of the main types of painter’s tapes: FrogTape and Scotch Blue. Generally I use painter’s tape for blocking off white trim when I am painting walls. I really envy people who can freehand it!

But I also use painter’s tape for a bunch of other DIY, crafting, and home improvement projects. That’s because it’s usually strong enough to give a good hold without damaging whatever it is stuck too.

Here are a few examples:

I’ll show you a few examples of these projects below. One note, though. You’ll notice that many of these use green tape, which is clearly FrogTape. I used FrogTape exclusively for a few years because I got a BUNCH of rolls for free, so it lasted me forever!

painted wooden number 1
painted wine bottle turned into a bud vase
wooden dresser painted with bronze triangles
using frogtape to caulk stairs
using frogtape to caulk stairs
using frogtape to lay out furniture
taping iron-on veneer edge-banding
cutting basswood on a Cricut Maker

FrogTape vs Scotch Blue: Here’s my take

I realize this has been a bit long-winded, but for me it isn’t a simple answer! Here’s why: Ultimately, I always try to use the most appropriate tool for the job. Essentially, if you only need a small piece of sandpaper for a project, why use a sandblaster? It’s overkill.

And that’s how I feel about FrogTape vs Scotch Blue. They mostly do the trick in all applications, but FrogTape edges out Scotch Blue as the best painter’s tape for me.

That’s because I think FrogTape does a better job on less-than-perfect surfaces like bumpier drywall. Our current home has brand new drywall that is super smooth, but our new home has slightly bumpier walls. Scotch Blue did NOT do the job.

This was super frustrating, but I was able to fix it using a strip of FrogTape juuuust beside the bumpy, paint-bleeding line. Wahoo! So, these results speak for themselves in my opinion. Take a look, first at how the Scotch Blue did on the first coat of purple and orange:

frogtape vs scotch blue tape to paint an accent wall
frogtape vs scotch blue tape to paint an accent wall
frogtape vs scotch blue tape to paint an accent wall
frogtape vs scotch blue tape to paint an accent wall

And then how crisp the lines were for the Frogtape stripes!

crisp paint lines using frogtape
crisp paint lines using frogtape
using frogtape to paint a rainbow accent wall
rainbow accent wall painted using frogtape

This is going to be a pretty rainbow-striped wall in my daughters room, so I will make sure to share that, too! And the rainbow striped wall ties in to a DIY loft bed with stairs that we built, too. More pics once everything is done!

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collage that says frogtape vs. scotch blue: which is best? with photos of painting projects
collage that says frogtape vs. scotch blue: which is best? with photos of painting projects

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