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3 Free Printable Plant Watering Trackers

This post shares a blank houseplant watering schedule that you can download instantly. My free printable plant watering trackers will help you keep track of when you last watered your plants, and you can print a new one for each month. Enjoy!

Download my 3 free printable plant watering trackers!

Hey everyone! Today’s post will be a quickie. I’m just jumping on to share a free printable houseplant watering schedule for you! A plant watering tracker is a great way to document when you last watered your houseplants.

Overwatering is a major killer of a lot of indoor houseplants, and many houseplants have different water needs. And if you’re anything like me, you definitely forget the last time you watered your plants. Inevitably leading to overwatering and underwatering at some point.

I don’t like to make it too complicated, and jotting a note down is the easiest way to remember when I last watered my plants. But I’ve more recently started trying to group plants together by watering needs so I can have a more efficient watering routine.

It’s also a good way to experiment to find the perfect watering schedule for your plants’ needs, your home, your schedule, and your climate. I designed these plant watering trackers so that you can print them and use one for each month. Or, if you have a lot of plants, you can use one for each room.

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A peek at the trackers

If you also like to group plants with similar watering needs together, you could also just write “living room plants” on one line and know that you’ll water all of those in one go. A notes section is helpful if you want to note when you’ve fertilized, as well as any issues you notice.

And it doesn’t hurt that the printables are cute, too 🙂 If you don’t want to print a bunch of them, I suggest printing one, laminating it, and using a dry erase marker on it. That way it will last a long time, and you can continue reusing it every month.

mockup of the printable plant watering tracker
mockup of the printable plant watering tracker
mockup of the printable plant watering tracker

Download them here!

I use Grow by Mediavine to deliver all of my exclusive freebies. To access these plant watering trackers, click “sign up here” below. This will also unlock all of my other freebies on the site, including my Free Plant Care Guide and my Free Plant Propagation Guide.

Click here to go to my Dropbox folder with the PDFs!

collage of plant watering trackers

Pin my free printable plant watering trackers!

collage that says 3 free printable watering trackers with images of the printables

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