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FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant

Let’s talk FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant standing desks. They are both great products, but which the better investment? Here’s what I think based on actually owning an Ikea Bekant and two FlexiSpot standing desks, including the original essential standing desk and the E7 premium standing desk. Flexispot sent me the E7 desk for this review. Affiliate links below; read more about those here.

FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant…which is the better investment?

Hey all! Today I have a product review for you. About 3 years ago, I worked with the company FlexiSpot to review their original essential standing desk. We didn’t have a space for the desk at the time, so I set it up for my brother and his girlfriend in their apartment.

Now, three years later, they’ve moved twice and brought the desk with them both times. It is still kickin’ and working beautifully—my brother’s now fiance uses it in her office.

Flexispot essential standing desk in a beautiful workspace
Essential standing desk

Since then, we’ve moved and I now have a proper office space (in my sunroom!). So when FlexiSpot approached me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their newer E7 premium standing desk, I said yes! It thought it would make a great addition to my office.

Like many of you, I’ve seen loads of people transforming their home offices over the last few years. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to get a walking pad (though I do have it on my Amazon wishlist as a maybe…), but a standing desk with a better ergonomic setup is a must-have for me now.

flexispot e7 standing desk in a workspace

Why a standing desk?

Between my 9-to-5 job and managing my websites, I spend a lot of time sitting on my butt and typing. When I realized I’d be working from home full-time a few years ago, I did invest in a new and better desk chair. That has made a big difference.

But over the last 6 months or so, I have developed a constant strain in my right hand and wrist, as well as carpal tunnel in my left wrist 🙁 Basically, my setup is not ergonomically friendly. I’m slowly upgrading things, including getting a new mouse for my personal computer.

But I need to work on positioning, and the standing desk is great for that. There are many different sizes and options for FlexiSpot’s E7, and I chose the 60″ by 30″ bamboo rectangle option because it is BIG and allows me to spread out.

It will also allow me to have enough room to rest my forearms fully on the desk top so I am not putting strain on my forearms, wrists, and hands. I didn’t used to think carpal tunnel was a bit deal…but let me tell you what. It’s no fun at all. Take it seriously.

woman at a flexispot standing desk in an office

FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant rundown & comparisons

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably already sold on the benefits of a standing desk. You probably just want to know the specs on the FlexiSpot E7 and why it’s worth the price tag. So let’s jump in (keep in mind that all stats are current as of July 2023).

1. Design & aesthetics

You can choose a variety of different top colors and sizes, including chipboard, bamboo, solid wood, fiberboard, and more. And each type comes in different colors and finishes. I chose bamboo.

You can also choose curved or rectangular in a variety of sizes from 48″ by 24″ all the way up to 60″ by 30″, which is what I chose. Not all colors and finishes come in all of the sizes and shapes, though.

For the frame, you can choose from white, black, or gray in the T-Frame, the C-Frame, or the Oval-Frame. They are all slightly different sizes with different benefits—but they are mostly comparable, in my opinion.

Of note, you can also use your own desktop! You can buy the frame only if you have a desktop already or have something special you want to use.

The Ikea Bekant comes in several different pre-selected color combinations: Black/black, black/white, white/black, white/white, wood veneer/black, and wood veneer/white.

Oh—and major props to Flexispot for clearly labeling all of the different screws needed for assembly. This is so much better than dumping them all in a single bag! And assembly wasn’t bad—I did it all myself, and it took me about two hours to set everything up and get all of my cables sorted.

hardware in a plastic bag
bottom of a flexispot e7 standing desk
flexispot standing desk in sitting mode

2. Presets & safety features

I’m a realist. I know that I will not be standing all the time. I will be using this as a regular old-fashioned sitting desk, too. So I love the fact that the FlexiSpot E7 allows me to program custom height presets. Having one for sitting and one for standing is great!

And, as an owner of two needy cats that love laps, why not choose a cat-in-your-lap setting? You think I’m joking, but…I’m not.

The E7 also has a child lock, which is great. I have a 5-year-old kid, and if something has buttons, she wants to press them. And I don’t want her trying to ride this desk all the way up and down like it’s a carousel.

The Bekant has nifty up and down buttons to automatically raise and lower the desk. But it doesn’t have buttons for presets heights or a child lock.

As for weight limit, the Bekant’s is 154 pounds, while the E7’s is 355. So, while I don’t recommend it, you could be a whole person and take a nap on your desk with all of your other stuff. Personally I’d rather build a fort under it, but that’s just me.

woman sitting at a flexispot standing desk in sitting mode

3. Available accessories

The base model of the E7 is just the frame and a chipboard top, which comes in a variety of different veneer finishes. You can switch up the base and choose from a bunch of different top options, which can change the price.

It’s worth noting that the Bekant comes with a built-in mesh cable organizer, where as the E7 cable management accessory must be purchased separately. It’s called a cable tray, and it’s $34.99. I highly recommend it.

The E7 comes with built-in cable management for the desk’s power cable, but I have two monitors and a ton of wires with all of my hookups. So adding the additional cable control on the back-bottom of the desktop was great.

cable management tray for the Flexispot e7 standing desk
cable management tray for the Flexispot e7 standing desk

I love the fact that FlexiSpot’s myriad options allow you to completely customize a desk. I like having a drawer on my desk, so I also got the bamboo under-desk drawer. It’s a good size and will fit my laptop, tablet, planner, and other items I like to have nearby.

You can also order things like clamp power strips with USB ports, caster wheels, monitor arms, standing desk mats, keyboard trays, monitor stands, large under-desk storage, and more. I didn’t need most of these, opting only to add a monitor stand.

Another thing I like about the monitor stand—you don’t have to drill any holes to attach it. It is attached using clamps only. And since it attaches to the back of the desk, it does free up a lot of desk space when compared to my little bamboo monitor stand I got years ago. (This is the stand, but it’s only available in black and white now.)

I am also using one of the legs on the monitor stand to wrap some cables around. This just helps to keep my many cords tidy.

bottom of the flexispot monitor riser
back of the flexispot monitor stand
clamp on the back of a monitor stand
plant on a desk
Flexispot standing desk bamboo drawer

4. Warranty

Warranty is a big one for me because of past experience with motorized standing desks. We had the Ikea Bekant standing desk, and we did have to take advantage of the warranty. Ultimately my husband decided that he was done with a standing desk, so he took a store credit and got a non-standing larger Bekant desk.

FlexiSpot’s warranty is 15 years, and Ikea’s is 10 years. So, pretty generous on both fronts with FlexiSpot having a 5-year edge. Hoping I don’t have to use it, though! Like I said, FlexiSpot’s essential standing desk has held up great for my brother.

Flexispot E7 standing desk setup

5. FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant pricing

And, for a lot of us pondering the FlexiSpot E7 vs. Ikea Bekant conundrum, price is a very important factor. As of writing this, the price is $399.99 for a base model E7. This seems to be a sale price, and the regular price is $429.99.

The cheapest Bekant you can get is $629, and that’s for a white/white or white/black combo. So, even with factoring in an additional $34.99 for the cord control on the E7, you still make out like a bandit!

I will say this—if you’ve ever looked at anything in my house, you know I love Ikea. I think they are a great store with excellent customer service and a great returns policy.

However, if you want the most bang for your buck while getting a super stable, aesthetically pleasing standing desk with loads of accessories options and additional features…the FlexiSpot E7 premium standing desk is the investment to make!

beautiful workstation with a brick wall

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