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Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings

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This post shares five zero waste planters for propagating cuttings. These five ideas can also be used for starting seeds.

Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings

I’m popping in today to share 5 zero waste planters for propagating cuttings. I hate wasting things, and I propagate a lot of plants. I love using things I already have around the house as planters to get my cuttings rooting. There are a lot of things you probably already have in your house that you can use, too. Here are a few ideas.

1. Tissue box bottoms

Okay, hear me out here. It’s a good upcycle. Here is the bottom of a tissue box. You can add a layer of tape on the bottom of the container if you think it will get too weak, but since you don’t give cuttings too much water, it should be fine.

tissue box
Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings
peperomia propagation

2. Old planter containers from the store

I keep these! Yes, I keep them. I’m a bit of a hoarder with plant supplies (and nothing else). I reuse these over and over. I like to root these in the little planters, and then once they start developing their own root systems, I move them to bigger planters. Like the recycled planter containers. 🙂

Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings
Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings

3. Old egg cartons for propagating cuttings

Old egg cartons with the tops cut off make great planters! People have long used them to start seedlings, but they also make awesome containers for propagating cuttings. They are perfectly separated so that you can transplant them in to bigger planters once they develop sufficient root systems.

Check out how many different cuttings I have rooted in this egg carton: assorted succulent pieces, jade cuttings, string of pearls, and string of bananas cuttings.

egg cartons for starting plants
Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings

4. Bottom of any other plastic or coated cardboard container

Milk or creamer cartons make excellent upcycled planters for rooting plant cuttings. Ramona has these awesome snack poof containers that are small and are great containers for propagating plants.

5. Plastic salad containers

You know those big plastic containers that salad leaves and mixed greens come in? Just cut off the lid and it makes a wonderful propagation station. Since it’s bigger, I add a few different plants. I also add a layer of perlite in the bottom and keep mine a bathroom window to help keep some of the humidity in.

Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings
snake plant cuttings in soil

Learn more about propagating plants by checking out my guides for propagating pothos plants, propagating snake plants, propagating prickly pear cactus pads, propagating rubber plants, and propagating string of pearls.

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Zero Waste Planters for Propagating Cuttings
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