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15 Baby Things I Loved (Plus a Cloud Island Baby Clothes Review)

Wondering what baby stuff is worth it? Here are 15 things I loved for my daughter, updated in 2021 with a detailed Cloud Island baby clothes review! Nothing in this post is sponsored, and I did not receive anything discussed here for free. I hope my take helps you put together your list of what you really need for your baby 🙂

15 Baby Things I Loved (Plus a Cloud Island Baby Clothes Review!)

I did A LOT of research when putting together our registry and buying items for Ramona. I did not want to be that first-time parent who buys way, way too much stuff that never gets used and just takes up space in the house. But man, it was hard! The temptation to get everything is real.

A Modern and Neutral Nursery

See Ramona’s nursery here!

All in all, I think we did a good job deciding what we needed. Sure, there were things we didn’t really use at all and things that we probably could have gotten by without. But overall, I think we had a good lineup of stuff. That said, there were definitely things we used more than others, and there were things that were absolute must-haves for us.

I’ve typed versions of this post up for a bunch of friends over the past few months, so I thought it might be helpful as a blog post. (Note: For the purposes of this review, I’m going to exclude the most obvious things: her bassinet; crib; changing pad, diapers, and wipes; and carseat.)

So what baby stuff is actually worth it?

1. Boppy Newborn Lounger

The Boppy Newborn Lounger was a highly prized item until about 2.5 months. It’s a safe and easy place to put baby when they are very little (maximum weight limit is 15 lbs). You can also wash it and easily move it from room to room unlike a bigger swing or bouncer. We often threw a Muslin blanket over it because we had a VERY spitty newborn, and it was much easier to throw a muslin blanket in the wash than the entire lounger.

cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper
cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper

2. Cloud Island Sleepers

I am actually updating this post in 2021 because I noticed that some people were searching “cloud island baby clothes review” and “cloud island sleepers” on Google and ended up here! Although this isn’t a post entirely about Cloud Island sleepers, I still absolutely recommend these. So I wanted to provide a bit more in terns of a Cloud Island clothes review if that’s why you clicked this post.

Cloud Island Baby Clothes Review

This is one thing I recommend to everyone. The Cloud Island Sleepers are the best. I’m talking about the three-pack sets with the inverted zippers that zip from the bottom, the built-in mittens, and the elastic bands around the backs of the feet. (2021 update note: It doesn’t look like the Cloud Island sleepers Target is making now have built-in mittens, but that wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me.)

Ramona lived in these from the day she came home from the hospital until she outgrew the sizes. They run from newborn to 6-9 months. And honestly, I would have kept her in them for longer if they had larger sizes. I was so bummed when I realized 6-9 months was the largest size you could get.

I’d say that much like most baby clothes, they run a bit on the smaller side, so Ramona was growing out of 6-9 months around 5-6 months. But she is also very long, so that probably has something to do with it. These sleepers are a bit on the leaner side, too. I found Gerber brand sleepers to be too short and wide for her. She was lanky 🙂

cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper

Perk #1: Elastic around the backs of the ankles

Before I had a kid, I also would have never thought that the elastic around the backs of the ankles would be a big deal. But newborns are squirming and squiggly, and I remember Ramona frequently finding ways to pull her little feet and legs all the way up into the sleeper legs. And get herself all tangled up. The elastic helps to prevent this.

cute baby in a black and white Cloud Island sleeper

Perk #2: Inverted zipper

The inverted zipper is also great. That basically just means that you put baby into the sleeper, clip the top of the zipper together, and zip down. This is awesome for diaper changes because you only have to zip up halfway and pull their legs out.

We swaddled her, and when we changed her diaper at night, we didn’t even have to take the swaddle off. Just laid her down, took her legs out of the swaddle and bottom of the sleeper, and changed her. Also great for winter babies when it’s freezing cold at night.

Perk #3: They are cheap and gorgeous

Target knows their audience! They know we want trendy stuff for an affordable price point. Their website has 3-packs of these sleepers for $12.99 right now, but I remember them going on sale frequently. I registered for a few 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes and ended up buying some newborn sizes for her when she came early. They have the absolute cutest prints, too. Including lots of gender-neutral options.

This was really great for us because I knew I wanted to pass along as much of the newborn and little baby stuff as I could. We were able to hand stuff down to my sister-in-law’s boys when they were born. Plus I just like prints and colors that are a bit more modern.

cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper

Perk #4: You can coordinate with other Cloud Island items

If you really like a pattern, you can coordinate it with other Cloud Island items (check out all the awesome Cloud Island stuff here). Ramona’s black, white, and gray Swiss cross crib sheet is Cloud Island (she also had the sleeper). And we had a changing pad cover to coordinate with it too. It makes it really easy to set up a cute nursery without spending a ton.

It looks like Target has rolled out several other cute Cloud Island items over the last few years, too. Lots of decor options and other things for rooms. Still no sleepers bigger than 6-9 months, though 🙂 Once she outgrew the sleepers, I moved her into pretty much exclusively wearing the equally as adorable Cloud Island long- and short-sleeved onesies paired with the cute coordinating pants or bloomers (from Carters).

cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper

For more baby stuff, check out my tips for how to take great overhead images of your baby without shadows, my easy DIY bookends for a nursery with thrifted ceramic unicorns, and my post about Ramona’s chic first birthday decor!

3. Muslin Blankets

I use Muslin blankets for just about everything (other than swaddling). If she doesn’t need a heavy blanket, a muslin blanket will do. Throw them down over things you don’t want to wash if they get a bit of spit up or pee on them. Use them when changing baby in public or setting her down for a bit. Drape them over the carseat in public so people don’t touch your baby without asking. Tons of uses. I have this set and love the modern prints.

mom and baby outside

4. A Good Humidifier

The URPOWER Humidifier puts out some SERIOUS moisture. It’s also really sleek looking and easy to clean. We loved it so much that we got a second one for our room. After we moved Ramona out of our room at 1 month and she took her humidifier with her, we realized how nice it was sleeping with one.

A Modern and Neutral Nursery

5. Bandana Bibs

Speaking of Cloud Island, we really love the Cloud Island bandana bibs. We bottle feed and have a very messy eater who also spit up a lot as a newb, so these bibs were really helpful. Washing them instead of her entire sleeper was great. And, like the sleepers, they come in really cute prints.

baby in a bandana bib
baby in a bandana bib

6. A Good Stroller

This was a must for me because I walk almost every day. I decided on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller because I wanted a stroller that had real tires and good suspension. We have walked nearly every day since Ramona was about 5 days old. If it’s cold, I just bundle her up. The only days we don’t walk are when it’s pouring rain or sleeting. Sometimes we walk twice a day.

The fresh air is amazing, and it was an amazing way to get out when she was a little newb and driving me insane some days. We used this stroller with the carseat attachments when she was littler. (Note: The stroller itself is expensive, but you can usually find last year’s model for a bit cheaper somewhere online.)

baby in a stroller

7. Carter’s Fleece Bear Coveralls

And speaking of bundling up, I’d say the coveralls I use most are these Carter’s bear fleece coveralls. I have a thicker bunting I use when it’s very cold or windy, but these and a thick blanket do the trick most days. They are no longer available, but Carter’s always has cute coveralls like these. This is the one I ordered in the next size up to get us through the rest of winter.

baby in a teddy bear coverall set

8. The Free Hats From the Hospital

We got an unexpected amount of use out of the free hats from the hospital! They were so cute and comfy and fit her tiny head really well. She didn’t grow in to any of the hats I’d gotten for her until about 2 months, so we used these a ton.

tiny baby in a hat
cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper

9. HALO Fleece Velcro Swaddle

We were big fans of the HALO Fleece Velcro Swaddle from 0-6 weeks. They quickly and easily put her to sleep. We’d change her, wrap her up in her cozy swaddle, give her a bottle, and put her down. This routine nearly always put her to sleep without much fuss.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no swaddling past 8 weeks, so we began transitioning her out of it at 6 weeks (about a week after we moved her to her crib in her own room). Some babies don’t like swaddling, though, so I’d recommend getting some different ones second hand to see which option your baby likes. Our neighbor gave us one of these to try.

infant in a Halo swaddle

10. Zipadee-Zip

After we transitioned her out of the swaddle at 6 weeks, we tried a few different post-swaddle wearable blanket options. We settled on the Zipadee-Zip, which is marketed as a swaddle transition blanket, as the best option. It keeps her contained but gives her access to her hands.

It’s also perfectly safe for when she starts to roll. My coworker highly recommended it and got us this one. We just ordered one in the next size up. The smallest size is 3-6 months, but they don’t really have much of a shape, so we were fine using it beginning at about 6/7 weeks.

baby in a zipadee zip sleep sack
baby in a zipadee zip sleep sack

11. Washable Play Mat

Nice place for toys and tummy time. Mine is a DIY mat I made using fabric and the thickest batting I could find at Jo-Ann. It’s comfy even on our wood floors. I’ve also been using it for our monthly milestone pics.

cute baby on a play mat

12. Fish-Price Kick-and-Play Piano Gym

This is not a purchase I would have made myself as I am not a huge fan of gaudy baby stuff that takes up a ton of space. But we have gotten a ton of use out of our Fisher-Price Kick-and-Play Piano Gym my mom got us. I have it here on the play mat I made. I love the gym part, but the play mat it came with is very thin, so it didn’t work well on our wood floors in the living room.

cute baby and a cat on a play mat

13. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I. Love. This. Thing! The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is so sleek and blends right in to the room. It’s easy to wash—just slide the cloth part off and throw it in the wash—and it’s comfy for baby. You can easily move it around the house. The second pic below is of Ro in the garage with me while I was working on something. I believe you can use this thing until they can sit up unassisted. We started using it at about 2 months and use it every day, multiple times per day.

cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper in a baby bjorn bouncer
cute baby in a Cloud Island sleeper in a baby bjorn bouncer

14. Tiny Love Stroller Arch

Best 20 bucks spent! I ordered a Tiny Love Stroller Arch mostly to attach to her Baby Bjorn, but I also use it on the stroller for walks when I don’t want her to fall asleep. This thing is like stimulation central for babies, and she LOVES it. There are a few different models to choose from.

tiny love stroller arch on a baby bjorn bouncer

15. A Good Pump and Accessories

I exclusively pump and bottle feed, so a good pumping system and accessories is definitely a must-have for me. I started out using an Ameda hospital-grade rental. I also used an Ameda Purely Yours that I got free from insurance. Neither compared to the Spectra S1 Pump I ended up buying myself. Highly recommend if you’re breastfeeding!

And when I figured out that I could pump directly into our Avent Bottles (all Avent wide-neck bottles fit the flange threads), it saved a ton of washing up. Check out the third-party Maymom flanges on Amazon for off-brand sizes, which will make pumping easier, faster, and more comfortable. Oh, and although Bamboobies are great, just do a search on Amazon for reusable Bamboo nursing pads. There are tons of cheaper options, and they are all pretty much the same.

Spectra S1 pump

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