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12 Projects to Improve Your Home This Weekend

This post shares 12 weekend DIY projects for the home. From organizing to flooring, cabinetry, and outdoor projects, there’s something for everyone.

Weekend DIY Projects for the Home

Hey all! Today I’m sharing a roundup of projects from the April At Home DIY challenge, which had a theme of home improvement. I’m also throwing in a few of my own related projects for good measure 😉 If you’re interested in weekend DIY projects for the home that are fun and can improve your space or increase its functionality, this post is for you!

1. Ikea closet system hack by Southern Revivals

Jamie is one of my dear blogging friends, and I love this closet makeover. I love anything Ikea related, really…but when it’s a good closet organizing projects, I’m *really* in love. Check out her update on her Ikea closet system hack for her son’s room.

Ikea closet system hack by Southern Revivals

2. Fix cracked stair stringers and trim by me

Talk about smaller projects that have a big impact. When we had our stairs re-done from carpet to wood treads, I couldn’t bear looking at the beautiful new staircase alongside the cracked stair stringers and trim.

This post shows you how I fixed cracked stair stringer and trim seams for a perfectly polished finished product. I absolutely love my new stairs.

re-caulking cracked stair stringer seams
re-caulking cracked stair stringer seams
re-caulking cracked stair stringer seams

4. Living Room TV Cord Control by me

Another of our small projects that had a huge impact. We wanted to control our living room TV cord situation for aesthetic and practical reasons. First, they looked ugly. Second, many of the cords hung down behind the little white TV unit, and Ramona was able to grab at them.

We how we went from a jumbled mess to this beautiful, clean, cord-free area.

mounted TV with hidden cords in the wall

5. Built-in Pantry Shelving by Just Measuring Up

I love this pantry shelving because it isn’t just shelving; the addition of a little drawer is a nice touch!

DIY built-in pantry shelving

6. Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring by me

We love our new vinyl plank flooring in the basement. It’s a massive upgrade from the dingy carpet we had in there before, and I’ve already patted myself on the back for this decision many times while cleaning up spills.

I did a detailed post on installing these planks yourself in a weekend, including some videos, tips, and tricks.

vinyl plank flooring in an office
vinyl plank flooring in an office

7. DIY Living Room Storage Cabinets by DIY Danielle

These remind me a lot of the Ikea shoe storage cabinets, which I love! I love that these aren’t very deep, but they still provide practical storage space both in the cabinets and on top of the unit.

DIY living room storage cabinets

8. DIY Spice Drawer Organizer by me

The ultimate weekend DIY project for the home…because WHO has figured out the best way to organize spices? I HAVE! One of my favorite projects so far this year 🙂 Cheap, easy, and a massive impact. I think we’ve finally found the cure to our spice organization challenges. It does take up a drawer, but it’s worth it for us!

In fact, I liked this solution so much that I decided to make a similar junk drawer organizer for our kitchen as well. (Note: Mike says it’s no longer a junk drawer since it’s so organized, but that’s something I can live with.)

DIY Drawer Organizer for Spices
DIY Drawer Organizer for Spices

9. Reinforce Metal Shelving in a Rental Home by Meegan Makes

Rental hacks always have a soft spot in my heart since we rented for years until buying our current home. I love this quick tip about an affordable way to reinforce metal shelving in a rental home.

screw in metal shelving

10. How to Install Frosted Window Film by Kenya Rae

Curtains look tacky or out of place somewhere? Frosted window film might be the solution you’re looking for. Kenya shared an awesome tutorial one how to install it on her door.

how to apply frosted window film evenly

11. Weed-Free Gravel Path by Abbotts at Home

Ahh, if I could gravel my whole backyard, I probably would. It’s such a clean look, and it’s so low maintenance. But weeds can still be a problem. This tutorial shows you how to prevent weeds when installing a gravel path.

how to put in a weed-free gravel path

12. Adding low-maintenance rock landscaping by me

And, speaking of low-maintenance rock landscaping, I had to throw in my tutorial for low-maintenance rock landscaping in our backyard. We’re on our second year with this setup, and I love it even more than I did last year. 🙂

This post shows you how we prepped the ground for rock—and I can safely say that we made it through last spring, summer, and fall, as well as this year, with minimal weeds. Hooray!

small backyard with a deck and plants
small backyard with a deck and plants

Share my DIY weekend projects to help improve your home:

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  1. Kenya Rae says:

    This is a great list!! I have my weekends filled through the summer with a crazy long project list.

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