How to Use Grow Lights on House Plants

Utilizing grow lights is a great way to give indoor plants the growth potential they need.

Grow lights are created to support photosynthesis for healthy plant growth.

1. Incandescent grow lights

These are the most common lights, and can be located at most hardware and grocery stores.

2. Fluorescent grow lights

Though pricier, they are long lasting. They give off full spectrum light for both flowering and vegetation plants.

3. LED grow lights

The most high tech of the grow light types. They emit the least heat, and use the least energy.

4. HID grow lights

These grow lights use gas to emit a bright light. They are used by commercial growers the most.

What Color Lights Are the Best?

Blue light is good for photosynthesis; while red light brings strong plants and vegetation. Full spectrum grow lights offer the best growth potential

Learn how to install grow lights (single bulbs or fixtures), and how to use them to optimize plant growth.

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