The Calathea Medallion grows in lowland moist forests of Ecuador, and is commonly sold as a household plant.

This beauty is a real low maintenance gal. The medallion can thrive in bright indirect, medium, and low level light.

The calathea medallion likes moist soil not wet. So when the top inch or two of soil dries you know to rewater.

The medallion does not do well in cooler temperatures making it a great indoor plant. Up the humidity with a humidifier so your plant can thrive.

This calathea grows rather normally; so just watch for the roots outgrowing the pot to determine when to repot.

The medallion isn't toxic, but it's not grown for consumption. So, I would still keep it away from plant-snacking pets.

She can be a little problematic so, keep an eye out for browning, fading, and limp leaves.

The calathea can be propagated through division. Just check for multiple plants, separate, and repot.

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