Calathea plants in general come from tropical areas of Central and South America. But this variation was created in Florida.

The Calathea Dottie does great in a window with morning or early afternoon light. Too much sun will fade the color of the leaves.

Dottie likes its soil to stay evenly moist, so water when the top few inches of soil dries out.

Higher than average humidity is best for this plant with the best temperature being 70-80 degrees F.  AND HUMID!

Dottie is about an average grower.  You can give her a boost with some fertilizer, but be sure to use one that is all natural so you don't burn the plant.

Propagate your Calathea Dottie by division. Gently separate the stem clusters and repot.

Dottie is lucky she's gorgeous, because I can't ignore her for weeks on end and keep her happy. She is not a low maintenance plant that's for sure.

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