Caring for the Alocasia Black Velvet Plant

The Alocasia Black Velvet hails from Borneo, and is unique for its near black leaves and white veining. 

The Black Velvet is becoming less rare to locate; so learning how to care for one is a must!

Placing the Alocasia in bright indirect sunlight is best for the plant. If you place the plant in your sunniest window keep an eye out for burning leaves.

It grows best with well draining soil, and thrives well with succulent soil.

The black velvet can go somewhat longer between waterings due to its thick leaves. Avoid overly wet soil due to root rot.

Alocasia Black Velvet Issues: 1. Spider Mites 2. Dying or Yellowing Leaves 3. Curling or Browning Leaves

The plant stays relatively small, and only needs repotted every 1-3 years

Propagating is easiest by taking baby sprouts from the mature plant and potting in well draining soil with fertilizer.

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