Snow Queen Pothos is a variation of the epipremnum aureum similar to the Marble Queen Pothos. It originates from Southeast Asia.

Bright indirect sunlight keeps the beautiful light variegation of your Snow Queen. The largest difference between it and the Marble Queen.

Your snow queen prefers well draining soil to avoid root rot and thrive.

Extra humidity, warm temperatures, and great light help to keep those beautiful light leaves from browning.

The snow queen grows a little slower so you only need to repot every few years into an inch or two larger pot.

As long as you use high quality soil, fertilizer is not necessary.

Your snow queen can propagate fairly easily. Cuttings from the plant can be placed directly into water, and they will grow. I also like to propagate using moss it helps the roots develop stronger, and they do better during potting.

The snow queen pothos is considered toxic when ingested; so keep it clear of your fur babies.

The snow queen is a beautiful low maintenance plant to add to your houseplant collection!

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