Complete Care Guide for the Jade Satin Scindapsus

The Jade Satin Scindapsus is a beautiful green leaf plant with a subtle sheen. Follow along for a proper care guide for this beauty.

This plant hails from Southeast Asia, like the Philippines and Bangladesh. It likes warm humid weather.

The Jade Satin likes an abundance of natural light. Artificial light works as long as it is full spectrum, and direct for half of the day.

Scindapsus plants need pots with good drainage to avoid root rot. The best soil wood include moss and potting mix.

Keep track of how often you water this plant, and if you notice yellow wilting leaves, decrease watering.

Temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 degrees, and humidity over 50% help this plant thrive.

To propagate you will need rooting hormone, indirect light, and lots of time. Propagating this plant is tedious.

The Jade Satin Scindapsus is not pet safe!

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