Spring is here and that means propagation season! Propagating plants is easy and a great way to grow your collection. You may get called a mad plant scientist with these propagation stations, so just own it!

A 10 slot propagation stand is for you if you're all in.  More is better right?

Scrap wood and test tubes are all you need to make this propagation stand.

This DIY propagation station sports 5 glass jars and is easy to make.

Cylindrical latch jars 1 3/4" in diameter work perfect for this smaller propagation station.

Want to start out small? This test tube propagation stand is for you!

No tools are required to make this solo propagation stand.  PVC pipe and a test tube are all you need.

Now that you're ready to propagate plants, be sure to swipe up for my guide to the best house plants to propagate.