How to Make Modern Outdoor Kids Chairs


Remember the outdoor kids furniture of the past? Plastic, the colors always faded, and they could never wipe clean. Well these stylish outdoor kids chairs will solve those problems.

You can make them with lumber, wood glue, tools, and a few other supplies.

Start by building two sets of legs. I angled the legs for stability, and I think it looks really modern.

Attach the two remaining aprons to one set of legs.

Now you can finish the base of the chair but attaching both sets of legs together.

Now you can attach the seat to the base, fill in the pocket holes, and prepare to stain the chairs.

At the last minute, I decided to change from stools to chairs by adding these scrap wood backs. They are perfect for little kids.

Now your kiddo has an outdoor space made just for them!

Modern Outdoor Kids Patio Table