The Alocasia Frydek most likely hails from the Philippines. It is a beautiful hybrid plant with heart shaped leaves.

The frydek can be found in many local nurseries for a decent price.

Like most other alocasia plants the frydek enjoys bright indirect sunlight.

It requires quite average watering. When the top couple inches of soil dries, it is time to water again.

You will need a well draining soil, and a typical indoor soil works well.

The frydek does well in a variety of household temperatures. Make sure you have a nice humid environment though.

Spider mites are a common nuisance for alocasia plants; so be on the guard for these pests!

The frydek doesn't need repotted frequently, and a normal indoor fertilizer helps. Make sure to heavily dilute however.

Propagate your alocasia frydek through division. This is typical for most alocasia plants.

The alocasia frydek is toxic and can cause issues if ingested. Keep away from kids and pets!

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