5 Easy Ways to Propagate Snake Plants Using Cuttings


Snake plants are one of the best plants to propagate, and I will show you five ways to propagate and create thriving plants.

Rhizome Cuttings

Rhizomes are the white root-like stem structure that connects the original plant to offspring.


Division separates the snake plant into multiple plants by the rhizomes. It's probably the best way to propagate the snake plant.


Propagating using water is the easiest technique, and only needs a leaf cutting from the original plant.

Sometimes the water method doesn't work, and leaves the end brown and mushy. LECA is a technique that helps save that leaf.

Rooting Cuttings in LECA

Rooting in soil is much like LECA and water. Plant in well draining soil until the new roots begin to emerge.

Rooting in Soil

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