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Thanks, I Made it Free SVG Cut File (Paintbrush or Hammer)

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This post shares a free “thanks, I made it” cut file in .svg form that you can use in any major cutting machine. These files are for personal use only. This post also contains affiliate links, which you can read more about here. Thanks!

Thanks, I Made it Free SVG Cut File

A quick bundle for you guys today—I’m sharing two options for a “Thanks, I Made It” cut file. One has a paint brush, one has a hammer. And I’m throwing in an “all my clothes are painting clothes” one as well just because, well, a disturbing amount of my wardrobe has turned in to work/painting clothes…

Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files

One of the best parts of DIYing is when someone compliments you on something you’ve done and you’re able to say, “thanks, I made it.” Waiting on a compliment for this bag so I can say “thanks, I made it.” Inception.

I know some of you are in to furniture painting, some are in to furniture building, some are in to both. So grab all three files and choose whatever files you want, as always.

Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files
Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files
Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files

What are you going to make?

Drop me a note on Facebook or Instagram and show me!

Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files

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Free Thanks, I Made It svg cut files

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