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Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask

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I made use of a failed Infusible Ink project on a kids t-shirt by upcycling the back of the shirt into a Team Fauci DIY cloth mask!

DIY Team Fauci Infusible Ink cloth mask

Hey guys, quick little craft project for you today! I have written all about Cricut’s Infusible Ink in the past, including my post on how to make custom Infusible Ink coasters, using Infusible Ink to make adult and kids t-shirts, and a post all about the summer 2020 brand new Infusible Ink blanks.

Well, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that when I first started working with Infusible Ink, I had a few flubs. One of those flubs was on a kids t-shirt. I didn’t have it in me to trash the whole shirt, so I cut out the parts of the shirt that were still blank and stashed them in my craft drawer. Maybe I could reuse them for something else.

Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask

I used CDC’s face mask tutorials…

Well that time is now! 🙂 I really hate sewing cloth masks, but I whipped out my sewing machine and followed the CDC’s simple tutorial for making a surgical-style mask. They have a few options, so if you don’t sew, check out their no-sew options as well.

I did make a few small changes to their tutorial. I decreased the size about a 1/2 inch on the width just because of the size of my fabric cuttings. I also didn’t pin and sew gathered edges until the very last step of the process after I applied my Infusible Ink transfer.

I waited to do the gathered edges because I wanted a nice flat surface to apply my transfer to. Infusible Ink applies the best when there aren’t any seams or anything in the way to mess up the even distribution of heat from your EasyPress.

team fauci text in a heart

But I don’t have Infusible Ink or an EasyPress!

That’s okay! Since Infusible Ink is a bit pricier than regular vinyl and is designed for use with an EasyPress, I don’t recommend trying an Infusible Ink transfer with a household iron. However, you could easily do this tutorial with iron-on vinyl instead.

While an EasyPress or other heat press is always the best option for even heat distribution when doing iron-on vinyl transfers, you can absolutely use a household iron as well. Just make sure you check how well the iron-on is adhering to decide whether you need more time.

Here’s what I used:

And here are the steps I took to make my Team Fauci DIY cloth mask!

Step 1: Sew mask

I cut and sewed my mask with the changes outlined in the beginning of this post. Remember not to sew the gathered edges until you do the Infusible Ink transfer.

Step 2: Cut Team Fauci heart file

You can access the file I made here on Cricut’s Design Space—make sure you log in to Design Space first. I used my Cricut Joy since this was a small-enough cut. As well as a small mat and a small piece of Infusible Ink.

cutting infusible ink on a Cricut joy
cutting infusible ink on a Cricut joy

Step 3: Transfer Team Fauci design

I followed the Heat Guide instructions for transferring an Infusible Ink cutting onto a child’s t-shirt blank because that is the blank my scraps were from. Definitely don’t skip the lint roller step. And everything transferred perfectly! Isn’t a thing of beauty?

Infusible Ink transfer process
Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask

Step 4: Sew gathered edges

I prefer the gathered edge look for masks, so I pinned and gathered the edges with a straight seam on my sewing machine. This also gives it a slightly tighter fight while still being breathable. And here it is!

Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask
Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask

Pin my Team Fauci DIY cloth mask!

Team Fauci DIY Cloth Mask
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