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Entryway Update #3: It’s Finished!

Small and Modern Navy Entryway

So I didn’t think I would be sharing this room makeover quite yet, but I actually finally got around to shooting it last weekend and couldn’t wait to share it. 🙂 (Check out the first update I did about painting here and the build plans for the shoe cubby here.)

And shooting this little space was tough, too. It consisted of a lot of me sitting on the floor in the dark with a tripod and a remote for my camera. This room is SO dark. It doesn’t get any natural light unless the door is open, so capturing it for you was a task. But I think the photos (and the room) turned out great:

small navy townhouse entryway

But before I dump all of my pics on you, let me remind you of what it looked like when I started this little project.


small townhouse entryway before painting

We decided to be “those people” who take off their shoes in their entryway to help protect the carpet in the house. But, as you can see, we were in desperate need of a shoe storage solution. We also don’t have a coat closet, so we needed a solution for coats and bags, as well.

small townhouse entryway before painting

And here’s how it looks now.

small navy townhouse entryway
small navy townhouse entryway with coat and shoe organization

The plant photos were a quick solution. I wanted some more green in the room, and no plant can live in this cave, so I printed some photos of plants.

small navy townhouse entryway with coat and shoe organization

The hooks on the wall-mounted rackes are adjustable and can slide on and off, as can the little basket. There’s plenty of room for our coats since each hook has two areas to hang from. I keep gym clothes in the tote so I can grab it on the way out the door if I need to. I usually throw gloves, a hat, or something else small into the little basket. And then of course there are the cat harnesses and leashes. Because we’re insane. So far one is leash trained. 🙂

The shoe cubby is the perfect solution for our shoes. I designed it so the cubby slots were bigger in the middle row, giving us more storage space for boots or bigger shoes. We throw random things (spare change, extra keys, metro cards…) into the little wicker basket.

DIY shoe cubby in a small townhouse entryway
small navy townhouse entryway with coat and shoe organization
wood framed mirror in a navy entryway

The framed mirror and the little key rack are both DIYs (sources below). I built the little key rack for keys and outgoing mail. Sometimes I stash my coupons in the outgoing mail area too so I don’t forget them when I’m headed out the door.

small townhouse entryway painted dark blue
geometric mountain art framed on a wall
small gray entryway
small navy townhouse entryway with coat and shoe organization

Source list:

  • Paint: Sherwin-Williams in Anchors Aweigh and Repose Gray (You can read all about the painting process, as well as my thoughts on the paint, here.)
  • Coat and accessories rack: Bronze Hooks, Bronze Basket, and Rail, all from Target
  • Picture frames: Ikea Ribba frames
  • Plant photos: Printed from Pexels and Unsplash
  • Rug: Homegoods, thick-braided jute rug
  • Faux Plant: Ikea
  • Woven plant pot: Ikea
  • Mountain prints: Free from Pneumatic Addict
  • Shoe cubby: DIY, full plans here
  • Framed mirror: DIY, full plans here
  • Key rack: DIY, full plans here

Marlene - Idle Hands Awake

Sunday 26th of March 2017

Wow, Brittany, it looks SO beautiful! And miles better than what you started with! I love that blue wall, it's just the right accent for the space. Also I am so jealous that you've been able to leash-train your cat! We want to do that for our kitties but they are both too anxious, poor guys. xoxo

Brittany Goldwyn

Wednesday 29th of March 2017

Thank you Marlene! Henry was NOT a fan of the harness at first. We started by letting him walk (or crawl, rather) around the house with it on. But once he realized that wearing the harness means he gets to Go To The Outside, he PURRS when he sees it now! It's crazy.

Emily @ Small Stuff Counts

Sunday 19th of February 2017

This looks so pretty! I am a huge fan of navy rooms, and you rocked this one.

Brittany Goldwyn

Sunday 19th of February 2017

Thank you so much, Emily! First navy room in the books for me :)


Saturday 18th of February 2017

This looks really good! I need you to come paint my house...your lines are perfect! Loving the dark wood and navy combo

Brittany Goldwyn

Sunday 19th of February 2017

Thank you Jess! So I was actually really frustrated with the hard as I tried, I still kept getting it on the ceiling. So I took a small, finer-tipped brush and touched used for painting on canvas and touched up the ceiling haha. It was painful, but it did the trick.


Friday 17th of February 2017

I love your entryway! Great shoe storage!

[email protected]

Friday 17th of February 2017

Love Love Love that navy color! Such a drastic difference. The new entryway space is so organized and beautiful. Way to go!

Brittany Goldwyn

Friday 17th of February 2017

Thanks Ashley! I love it too. It doesn't look this pretty every day lol, but most days!

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