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How to Make a Planter Out of a Candle Holder

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This post shares a quick project about how to make a planter out of a candle holder. For more of my DIY planters to help you decorate with plants, check out this post!

Quick post today on a simple project I did recently. I’m talking how to repurpose an old candle holder into a planter.

Pretty, right? Because sometimes candle holders are too nice to throw out (and I can usually always put a new planter to work!). I think this container lends itself well to a trailing plant, too.

Candle on a table
how to make a planter out of a candle holder

How to Make a Planter Out of a Candle Holder

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read more about that here.)

Step 1: Remove wax from old candle

Once the candle is finished, there will still be some leftover wax and the wick bases left. To easily get that out without melting, pouring, or scraping, I just popped the container in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

The freezing temp should help the solidified wax separate from the inside of the candle holder. You might get lucky and be able to just turn it upside down and have the wax fall out, but I had to use a spoon to pry it out in a few pieces. It cracked pretty easily and came out.

Step 2: Add in drainage and plant!

Since there is no drainage built in to the candle, I added some perlite in the bottom. If you don’t have perlite, some small rocks will do.

Add some soil and plant your plant and you’re done! I used some propagated pothos cuttings (see my full post on how to propagate golden pothos from cuttings here and how to care for pothos).

perlite in a planter

pothos rooting in water
how to make a planter out of a candle holder

And here is the new planter in place…

Like it was never a candle to begin with 🙂 That’s all for today!

how to make a planter out of a candle holder

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how to make a planter out of a candle holder
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