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Using Candle Holders as Planters

Wondering about how to turn a candle into a planter? Using candle holders as planters is a great way to upcycle pretty candle containers into something new.

Using candle holders as planters: What you need to know!

Quick post today on a simple project I did recently. I’m talking how what you need to know about using candle holders as planters! If you’re like I am, you hate throwing away those pretty candle holders when you’re done burning a candle. So why not upcycle them into something new and make them planters?

Check out the latest one I upcycled below. It was a pretty three-wick gold candle. Nice, right? I can always put planters this size to good use on my propagations and smaller plants. I think this container lends itself well to a trailing plant, too. So a pothos propagation it is!

Candle on a table
old candle holder turned into a planter

Here’s how to turn a candle into a planter!

Step 1: Remove wax from old candle

Once the candle is finished, there will still be some leftover wax and the wick bases left. To easily get that out without melting, pouring, or scraping, I just popped the container in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

The freezing temp should help the solidified wax separate from the inside of the candle holder. You might get lucky and be able to just turn it upside down and have the wax fall out, but I had to use a spoon to pry it out in a few pieces. It cracked pretty easily and came out.

If you don’t have luck with freezing and popping out the old wax, I have a more detailed most on how to remove old candle wax from glass candle jars. The long and short of it, though, is that you can just heat up a few inches of water in a pot or pan and set the glass or other heat-safe candle container in the water.

The water doesn’t need to boil, it just needs to get a little hot so the wax can melt. You can use potholders to pick up the candle holder and dump the wax and burnt wick pieces into a piece of aluminum foil. You can use a paper towel to wipe out excess, and once everything cools, you can just scrub the piece inside and out using soap and water.

melted wax from a candle poured into aluminum foil
old candle jar in a pan of water to melt the wax

Step 2: Add in drainage and plant!

Since there is no drainage built in to the candle holder, I added some perlite in the bottom. If you don’t have perlite, some small rocks will do. Read more about how to add drainage to planters—this is a handy tip that you can use when upcycling non-traditional items for planters! I also have a post on how to drill drainage holds in ceramic and concrete if you want to add holes.

Add some soil and plant your plant and you’re done! I used some propagated pothos cuttings (see my full post on how to propagate golden pothos from cuttings here and how to care for pothos).

perlite in an old candle holder
pothos rooting in water
old candle holder turned into a planter

Like it was never a candle to begin with 🙂 That’s all for today!

old candle holder turned into a planter

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collage that says how to use old candles as planters

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