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DIY Painted Cutting Board

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This post shares my tutorial for an easy DIY painted cutting board that can be used as a serving tray.

DIY Painted Cutting Board

Today I’m popping in with a quick and easy DIY that would make a perfect customized serving piece or hostess gift—color-dipped painted cutting board! I used the Proppmatt from Ikea, which is only $4.

We actually picked it up about a year ago…yes, a year ago! I saw it in the store and thought, “that will make an awesome craft.” And then it sat in a drawer…and moved to two different homes…and then I thought I lost it and found it in the back of a cabinet behind the recycling bin. And that leads me to today’s craft. 🙂

Quick & Easy Color-Blocked Painted Cutting Board
Ikea cutting board


(This post contains affiliate links. You can read more about that here.)

  • Small cutting board, I used the Proppmatt from Ikea, which is only $4 🙂 (Browse similar on Amazon here)
  • Water-proof paint, I used a color from DecoArt’s Americana Decor Outdoor Living line (Patio Paint is a cheaper alternative)
  • Frogtape and small brush
  • Acrylic sealer in matte

And here’s how to make a DIY painted cutting board.

(Remember to wear an appropriate mask while working with paints, stains, and finishes. Follow the directions and warnings from your particular brand.)

Step 1: Apply painter’s tape

Use Frogtape to tape off the section you’ll be painting for the “dipped” effect.

applying frogtape

Step 2: Paint the dipped area

Using a small brush, paint the dipped area. I chose the handle for mine because that area doesn’t get washed as much, and it doesn’t come into contact with food.

While the paint is still wet, carefully peel off the tape. This helps to ensure your lines stay super crisp.

Painting blue paint on
paint and frogtape
DIY painted cutting board

Step 3: Coat the entire board

Use a napkin or piece of paper to cover the unpainted part of the cutting board. Then give the painted part a generous coating of matte acrylic spray. I used water-resistant paint, but I wanted to give it an extra boost.

Once it’s dry, you’re ready to use it 😉

DIY painted cutting board
DIY painted cutting board
DIY painted cutting board

A couple notes on washing this and putting food on it…I’m envisioning this being used as more of a serving tray than an actual functional cutting board. If you put a knife to this paint, it will scratch it.

I chose to paint the handle because it doesn’t really come into contact with food (I didn’t research whether the paint was food safe or not because I like to live in the fast lane) and you don’t really have to wash that area. So yeah, don’t cut stuff on the painted part or else you might eat some paint. Here’s your warning. Enjoy!

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DIY painted cutting board
DIY painted cutting board
DIY painted cutting board
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