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10 Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

This post shares 10 practical or consumable subscriptions to give as gifts. There are a smattering of affiliate links, which you can read more about here. But I included most ideas just because I’ve used and like them or would love to try them!

Practical or Consumable Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

I’ve never done gift guides because generally I try to avoid overbuying. I often ask for practical things. I also like consumable things because they don’t begin to accumulate in your home, cluttering things up. If you’re creative enough, practical and consumable things can still be fun to give and get.

Today I’m chatting practical or consumable subscriptions to give as gifts. Because the only thing better than a gift you get once is a gift you get multiple times. And they make subscriptions for everything now. Whether it’s a practical or creative subscription box or something intangible like fronting the cash for your mom’s Netflix, subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving. So let’s take a peek at my suggestions…particularly if you’re going to be shopping after your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

1. Tea of the Month

Our friends got us a tea of the month subscription from the Art of Tea as a thank you for giving them some baby stuff. A bag of loose leaf tea arrives every month, and they are big. I’ve been bringing mine in to work to share with my fellow steepers. If the Art of Tea doesn’t appeal to you, there are a bajillion other tea subscription options.

Practical or Consumable Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

2. Dollar Shave Club

Mike got a year Dollar Shave Club razor membership for my dad two years ago, and he loved it. I’d consider it for a male or female because buying razors is annoying. Avoiding dull razors because I forgot to buy a refill pack (or was too cheap too) would be awesome.

3. Audible

I have an Audible subscription and love it! In addition to Podcasts, I like to listen to audiobooks while I’m working on projects or taking Ramona for a walk. Time for reading actual books is precious, but I find I can get more “reading” in with Audible. I mostly do non-fiction mystery novels on Audible. This would be a great gift for a commuter, too.

4. Kindle Unlimited

I’ll get a Kindle when my first-generation Nook (yes, you read that right) finally kicks the bucket. But if you know an avid reader who already has a Kindle, giving the gift of Kindle Unlimited could be a great option. Kindle Unlimited is a new service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks. You can read on any device for $9.99/month.

Practical or Consumable Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

5. Butcher Box

Mike is a real meat lover, and since he does 95% of the cooking in our house, Ramona and I are, too. Butcher Box has a few different options with mixes of different meats and frequency. The beef is 100% grass-fed and chicken is free-range organic. There are also add-ons. I got this for Mike for his birthday this year and opted for the beef, chicken, and pork box once every 2 months. It’s 8–11 lbs of meat estimated to make 24 meals. Oh, and all of the packaging materials are biodegradable or recyclable. This is my referral link, which I think gets me free bacon or something if you order.

6. Netflix or Hulu

Giving someone a Netflix or Hulu subscription might be just what they need to finally cut the cable cord. We keep Netflix year-round, but I pause and start our Hulu depending on what I want to watch or home much time we have. We gave my parents 6 months of Netflix a few years ago, and although it took them months to finally set it up, they love it now.

7. Spices

I love this option because I always tend to use the same spices, and I don’t want to buy a giant thing of a new spice (or any spice really) because I might not like it or it won’t be fresh after a while. Subscription boxes force you to try something new and give you smaller servings, which is perfect for spices. One of my biggest regrets was not buying more small spice packets from the Spice Bazaar when we were in Istanbul. Some of the most amazing spices EVER! Spice Madam is a great option, especially because they have a charitable side as well, while Raw Spice Bar is a more budget-friendly option at under $10 a month.

Practical or Consumable Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

8. Target Same-Day Delivery by Shipt

Target teamed up with Shipt to offer same-day delivery to people in many areas of the country. Unfortunately we’re not in one of them, which sucks because we shop at Target A LOT. See if you’re in the coverage area and read more here. As of earlier this year, Target’s service was live at 1,100 stores across 160 markets, and they predicted they’d reach 65% of U.S. households by the end of the year. (Note: It’s mostly for groceries and whatnot; it excludes clothing, shoes and accessories, bedding, bath, furniture, patio, entertainment, and a few other areas.)

9. Vinebox

Okay, this one is a bit more indulgent and expensive and less practical than the other ones on the list, BUT, it’s pretty cool and would be awesome for a wine lover. What I like most about Vinebox is that it doesn’t send full bottles of wine. It sends nifty little vials portioned out to one glass each. You can then order full-sized bottles of the wines you love.

Practical or Consumable Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

10. Amazon Prime

Our most used and most valued subscription—Amazon Prime is perfect for the luddites in your life who aren’t yet in on Prime. It’s primo for convenience, as we all know. And convenience is where it’s at. Prime isn’t just for shipping, either. Many people don’t know that there are loads of things to watch streaming through Prime Video (hello, Man in the High Castle). Lovers of kitschy British TV will also want to check out britbox, where you can “escape into the world of British dramas, comedy, and mystery.” Yes please.

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