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DIY Planter Out of an Upcycled Can

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Learn how to make a planter out of an upcycled tin can! I’m showing you how to make a chic planter out of an Old Bay can, including drainage.

How to Make a Planter Out of an Upcycled Can

If you’re from anywhere around Maryland, you’ve heard of Old Bay. As a native Marylander, I can tell you that it isn’t just a funny joke. We really do put that shit on everything. It’s delicious, salty, and perfect with crabs. And that’s what knocked out the rest of this can of Old Bay a few weekends ago—some crab cakes my mom made.

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason, I decided to take the little can home to upcycle it and turn it into a planter. I like upcycling things to make them planters but I haven’t shared a ton on the blog. One is the upcycled tea tin planter I made years ago—and the tiny painted teacup succulent planter. Oh, and I made a planter out of an older candle. Because why buy planters when you can repurpose cute things?

Old Bay

Here’s what I used for this upcycled planter:

And here’s how I made my DIY planter out of an upcycled tin can!

Always take the proper precautions and safety measures before working with any tools. Wear safety equipment and work with a professional when necessary. Read my full terms of use for more. Happy building and stay safe!

Step 1: Clean the Old Bay can and drill drainage holes

First I thoroughly cleaned the inside and outside of the Old Bay can using just water and dish soap. After it dried, I used my drill to drill two drainage holes in the bottom of the tin can. I didn’t need a special drill or drill bit for this—the tin is very thin. Just apply a bit of pressure and be prepared for the drill bit to “pop” through the bottom…so make sure you’re working on a work bench!

Drilling drainage holes in an Old Bay container

Step 2: Paint the can

I used some hunter green spray pain that I had on hand to paint the can. This instantly made it look more like a planter, and I like how easily this material takes spray paint. Definitely gives it a more professional look than brushing paint on.

painted Old Bay container
holes in a tin container

Step 3: Cut and apply decal

I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 and a small piece of white vinyl to cut this image out. It’s just images I got from Cricut’s Design Space—I believe I searched for “woman’s silhouette” and “ornate frame” to get these two. There are several different silhouettes and frames to choose from.

I then used my weeding tool to weed out the vinyl I didn’t want to transfer to the planter. For this one, I definitely used transfer tape—it would have been difficult to transfer this design without it. I like using the Cricut Joy transfer tape for these small projects too since they don’t require much width and the size of the Joy tape is so much easier to store.

cricut cutout of a woman's silhouette
cricut cutout of a woman's silhouette
applying a cutout vinyl to an upcycled planter

And here’s the finished planter! Definitely a quick little project that was super cheap, easy to make, and functional! It’s perfect for my hoya rope cutting propagation I’ve had rooting in water for a few months now. What do you think?

cricut cutout of a woman's silhouette
upcycled Old Bay can planter
upcycled Old Bay can planter
upcycled Old Bay can planter
upcycled Old Bay can planter
upcycled Old Bay can planter

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upcycled Old Bay can planter
image collage Make a Planter Out of an Upcycled Can with text overlay
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