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Personalized Cricut Projects for Kids and Babies

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This post shares a roundup of awesome personalized Cricut projects for kids and babies! Cricut machines and materials are an amazing way to help you make custom gifts for all the little ones in your life. This post is sponsored by Cricut and contains affiliate links.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

25 Awesome Personalized Cricut Projects for Kids and Babies

Hey guys! Today I’m popping in to share a roundup of some great personalized Cricut projects for kids. Customized gifts make amazing gifts, and if you have a Cricut, the possibilities are endless. I talked a bit about this in a post I did a few months ago on how to make a custom reusable tote bag using Cricut’s Infusible Ink.

When it comes to custom projects for kids, there are a ton of options. From school supplies to stuffies to backpacks and more, your Cricut and the variety of materials available will help you create stunning, professional-looking pieces. Let’s look at a roundup of 24 I’ve selected to inspire you!

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

Note: Many of these projects link to Cricut’s Design Space, so if you don’t already have a Design Space account, you’ll need to make one. If you have one, make sure you log in!

1. Kids Personalized Pencil Box Project

This personalized ocean pencil box is on Design Space and is so cute! It uses a layering technique to create this adorable personalized pencil box for kids. Pencil boxes are cheap to buy and easy to customize, too.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

2. Personalized Coloring Book Project Using Cricut

This personalized coloring book is so cute! I actually hired an artist on Fiverr to design a custom coloring page for my daughter’s daycare teacher. It was her Christmas gift. I wish I had enough talent to design a personalized coloring book! Maybe next year. 🙂

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

3. Personalized Cricut Backpack and Lunch Gear Project

I love this personalized backpack and lunch gear from Pretty Providence. It’s so simple but so cute. You could easily replicate this project on many different surfaces.

Blue backpack with personalized pink pouch and pink personalized water bottle sitting on personalized pink lunch boxes

4. Personalized Kids Stuffy Using Cricut Iron-on

I love how cute and simple this personalized stuffy is! This would make a great gift for new parents. Probably best for kids with shorter names, though. 🙂

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

5. Tooth Fairy Pouch Project for Kids

My friend Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff has some really awesome project ideas, including these customizable tooth fairy pouches using her Cricut. I love these because you could probably just upcycle old bags/pouches from something else and make something fun for your kids.

Small fabric pouch personalized with name and tooth for the tooth fairy

6. Cricut Personalized Monogram Kids Sippy Cups

This monogram sippy cup project is available on Design Space and would be a really cute idea for the daycare kids out there! Sure, you could use a label paper to label their sippy cups…but why not go all out?!

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

7. Patterned Cricut Iron-on Letter Kids T-Shirts

My friend Colleen at Lemon Thistle made these adorable patterned latter t-shirts for her kids using her Cricut. She has a very chic and modern style, and I love how she adapted that style to make these kid and baby items. The tutorial also includes a tutorial on using the Cricut Design Space’s slice tool to get that layered look.

Gray t-shirt with monogrammed letter A in blue and pink made with Cricut

8. Personalized Sibling Stuffies

These personalized sibling stuffies are another great example of an easy project you can make using things you might already have. You could easily customize them for your kids.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

9. Acetate Kids Hair Bow Project Using Cricut Maker

While these acetate hair bows made using the Cricut Maker aren’t personalized with a name, they can be easily personalized by making different cuts, colors, and patterns. They are very cute!

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

10. Personalized Kids Backpack With Cricut Holographic Iron-on

Another backpack and lunch bag combo…and these are super girly! I love how April Go Lightly used Cricut’s holographic iron-on to personalize this already cute backpack and lunch sack.

Pink backpack and lunch bag personalized with Circuit

Want more Cricut? Check out my super detailed guide to using the Cricut Maker Knife Blade, how to slice text in Cricut Design Space, my EasyPress 2 guide, my Cricut Explore Air 2 review, my debossing and engraving tip tutorial, and my tutorial for the new EasyPress Mini and using iron-on with wood! You can also check out my free cut file gallery and the latest project for my printer stand and storage for my Cricut machines!

11. Custom Kids Toy Storage Bags Using Cricut

These really cute toy storage bags also don’t have names on these, but they can be easily customized based on your kid’s favorite toys! You can check out the full tutorial on Design Space.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

12. Personalized “Hello” Iron-on Bodysuit

I really love these hello my name is… cut files! You could easily customize them to be as girly (like this one) or gender-neutral as you’d like. Really cute.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

13. DIY Personalized Storage Box

Personalized storage boxes are great for kids because they have tons of little trinkets that they love sorting and storing. Even my 2-year-old daughter would love something like this to fuss around with!

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

14. DIY Personalized Kids Puzzle Using the Cricut Maker

This DIY Puzzle made with the Cricut Maker by The Country Chic Cottage is DEFINITELY on my to-do list right now. I love this—it’s genius! Ramona is big in to puzzles right now, and she’d love something personalized with photos of things she likes.

Personalized wooden name puzzle using Cricut

15. DIY Llama Hoodie Kids

Okay, so maybe I included this one just because it’s amazing. This llama hoodie isn’t just for kids, either. I would wear this! It’s so cute, and I love the mixed-and-matched patterns.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

16. Personalized Baby Bodysuit Using Cricut Infusible Ink

I am loving Infusible Ink, and this project is no exception. This one mixes a few different patterns of Infusible Ink to make a monster name baby bodysuit.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

17. DIY Kids Workbench Personalized With Cricut Vinyl

I made this DIY workbench for Ramona a few months ago. At the last minute, I decided it would be even cuter if I added her name to it. Making it a personalized workbench makes it that much cuter. 🙂

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

18. Personalized Kids Age Shirt Using Cricut Holographic Iron-on

This personalized mermaid age shirt using holographic material would be cute for any birthday! In fact, as I write this, Ramona has a 2nd birthday on the horizon…maybe I should make her something with a 2 on it.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

19. Personalized Water Bottle Project for Kids

Another project from my friend Colleen at Lemon Thistle. She’s sharing these cute personalized water bottles, as well as a tutorial about how to knock out words in shapes in Design Space. Great tips!

3 water bottles personalized with dragon cutouts

20. Personalized Dancer Tote Bag Project

A personalized dancer tote bag is a great gift for the little dancers in your life. If you don’t have a kid who dances, you can easily customize this project to showcase other hobbies.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

21. Personalized Cord Organizer Project for older kids

These DIY leather cord organizers using the Cricut EasyPress Mini by my friend Emily at Small Stuff Counts are best for older kids, but who doesn’t have devices with cords these days? Cords can be so annoying, too, so these are a fantastic solution!

Monogrammed leather scalloped pouches with snaps with cords wrapped up inside to store them

22. Baby Softie Blocks Project Using Cricut Maker

I had to include these baby softie blocks made using the Maker because they are just so cute. While they aren’t personalized with a name, they can be personalized using different fabrics and colors. They are adorable!

custom soft fabric baby blocks

23. Personalized Kids Stuffy Project

Sophia’s worry monster is one of my favorite projects on this roundup! It’s so adorable. The holographic iron-on is so beautiful, and the colors look great on this little monster.

personalized kids gifts using a Cricut

24. Dyed and Personalized Kids Aprons

The final project in this roundup—some dyed and personalized kids aprons I made for my friend’s daughters! I used glitter iron-on to personalized two aprons. Reports are that they love them 😉

customized kids aprons

25. Customized kids brushes

I made these personalized kids brushes as a way to illustrate how to use the slice tool in Cricut’s Design Space. They turned out so cute!

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image collage of personalized cricut projects to make for your kids
image collage of personalized cricut projects to make for your kids
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