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Make Homemade Beard Oil

This project is featured in a roundup of my 10 best DIY beauty gifts. Make Homemade Beard Oil Beards are completely overlooked when it comes to personal grooming. Most bearded men shampoo their beards, and some take it a step further and opt for conditioner. But very few men make the leap to using beard …

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should i sell my wedding dress

Why I Sold My Wedding Dress

A Practical Take on Recycling Your Wedding Dress. (All photos thanks to the amazing and talented Michele Hart Photography. In Colorado? Hire her!) I was—and still am—completely in love with my wedding dress. Our wedding was a small affair in Estes Park, Colorado. We chose New Year’s Eve, and our parents and the officiant were …

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Sew a Camera Strap Cover

Make a Camera Strap Cover

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about my 2015 New Year’s Resolution–to sew more. So far, I’ve sewn a re-usable shopping/tote bag and striped throw pillow covers for my living room pillows. Since I’ve only completed two sewing projects, you know for sure that this “sew a camera strap cover” project is easy. A …

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