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How to Propagate Spider Plants

Wondering how to propagate spider plants? There are a few different ways, but today I’m going to talk about spider plant propagation in water. In my opinion, it’s the fastest, easiest, and most rewarding way to do it. Read on for more. How to Propagate Spider Plants I have to admit that spider plants (Chlorophytum …

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Umbrella Plant Care

This post shares umbrella plant care tips to help your umbrella plant thrive! Taking care good care of an umbrella plant is easy. While it’s not exactly a plant of steel, it isn’t difficult to master the necessary care routine. Learn how. Umbrella Plant Care The umbrella plant (schefflera) is a unique-looking houseplant that’s native …

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How to Make Resin Jewelry

This post shares all about how to make resin jewelry, including fun dress-up pieces for kids! I used EasyCast resin jewelry molds to make my pieces, and I’m sharing a bunch of DIY resin jewelry ideas. These resin molds are the perfect option for beginner resin crafters. This post is sponsored by Environment Technology, Inc. …

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How to Pot Indoor Plants

Wondering how to pot indoor plants? I feel like I’m constantly repotting indoor plants, so I want to share a few tips I’ve picked up doing it myself. It’s not that hard, and your plants will thank you for giving their roots some extra growing room! How to Pot Indoor Plants This is one of …

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diy scented candles

DIY Scented Candles

Interested in making DIY scented candles? This roundup shares 25 great DIY candle recipes, including beeswax candles, citronella candles, soy candles, candles scented with essential oils, and more! DIY Scented Candles: 25 Recipes You Can Make Yourself I don’t make candles often these days just because I don’t burn many candles with an active and …

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