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DIY Projects for Home Organization

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This post shares 15 DIY projects for home organization for your entire home. From closet shelving to spice storage, side tables, paint storage, and toy storage, you’ll find something you can make for your home.

15 DIY Projects for Home Organization

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a roundup of 15 organizing DIYs for your entire home. If you remember my junk drawer organizer post, I shared there that I’m participating in a monthly DIY challenge with a bunch of other bloggers.

February’s theme was organizing, so today I’m sharing 15 of my favorites from all of the other participants! So let’s jump right in.

1. Beautiful Closet Organizer // Two Feet First

We went the wire closet organizer route for our closet (and Ramona’s nursery closet), but I would much prefer this. When I have some time to focus one day, I’d love to tackle this project for a higher end look! (And when I’m not super pregnant and totally over it.)

DIY Projects for Home Organization

2. Master Bedroom Closet Organizer // Pinspired to DIY

Another beautiful closet organizer DIY. I love how this one incorporates some drawers with molding similar to what we did on our DIY murphy bed and DIY toy box. Nice built-in dresser.

I would love to do this and get rid of the cubby with little boxed we have our unmentionables in. And just fill it with plans instead. 🙂 I also love the corner shoe organizer!

DIY Projects for Home Organization

3. Closet Shoe Organizer // Dukes and Duchesses

And speaking of shoe organizers, if you don’t need an entire closet organizer, this shoe-only closet organizer might be up your alley. Because no one likes a pile of shoes.

closet shoe organizer

4. Stunning Modern Side Table // Southern Revivals

I love Jamie of Southern Revivals. She’s so talented and has been seriously ON IT with her projects lately. Click over the grab the build plans for this modern side table. It also has a twist (hint: it can be used multiple ways…a must see!).

(Btw, the black accent wall and bed you see a hint of in this pic are her builds too. I love both of them!)

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home

5. Anthro-Inspired Jewelry Holder // Renovating Maples Manor

Simple, chic, and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. A perfect DIY in my book. Now if only I wore jewelry 🙂 

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home

6. Huge Floating Shelving // Shrimp Salad Circus

Lindsay is a total craft queen, and I love that she is in this challenge flexing her DIY muscles in some other areas. I love these long chunky floating shelves in her basement!

huge floating shelves

7. Kids Toy Storage // Bitterroot DIY

Bitterroot DIY is one of my new favorites. She is so talented and I love following her on Instagram. This DIY kids toy storage checks a lot of boxes, too: cute, minimal, unobtrusive, practical, and easy to make. 

Something like this will be a must-have when R gets a bit bigger and gets more in to blocks and legos. (For now we’re keeping legos as a treat for the library play area.)

DIY toy storage

8. Bathroom Pipe Shelving // House by the Bay

I have been following House by the Bay for a few years now. A fellow cat lover, Casey is a really talented DIYer. Her bathroom pipe shelving is a simple way to add some more storage space to any room, really.

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home

9. Door-Mounted Trash Can // Abbott’s at Home

Genius! I honestly think I might do this for Ramona’s bathroom (that I made over for the latest $100 Room Challenge). We have a little trash can in the room, but we have nothing in her vanity. This is a great idea. (And would keep her out of the trash can when I’m not looking, which is one of her new favorite treasures.)

door-mounted trash can

10.  Test Tube Spice Rack Storage // The Handyman’s Daughter

This is so cute! I especially love that you can buy loose spices and put them in your own containers. I hate having to buy a giant thing of spices at the store and knowing they’ll probably start losing their potency by the time you can use them all. Also, this would look great sitting out on some open shelving or the counter. It’s beautiful!

DIY spice organizer using test tubes

11. Simple Junk Drawer Organizer // Me, by Brittany Goldwyn

By yours truly. I loved our spice drawer organizer so much I decided to whip one out for our junk drawer! Mike made fun of me for this project, but let me tell you…it’s a winner. For under $5, I have a Drawer of Misfit Things I’m pleased to look at. 

Learn how to make this DIY junk drawer organizer using under $5 worth of wood #organizing

12. Shelving to Organize Paint Supplies // Savvy Apron

Alright, this spray paint collection is giving me some major envy over here. I only keep a few cans on hand at any given time, but this is awesome! Great long slim storage so you don’t have to go digging for things.

I also love how you can stack some of the shorter items.

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home

13. Colorful Mini Crate Organizer // Delicious and DIY

Anam has some really lovely colorful paint projects, and her photography is gorgeous, too! I love this little crate organizer. A very simple and approachable DIY.

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home

14. Beautiful Vinyl Storage Rack // Girl, Just DIY

I’m not deep into the vinyl crafting game, but if I were, this vinyl storage rack would be high on my list. Do you see that pipe coupling, too? Gorgeous and creative. It looks like a decor piece itself!

20 organizing DIYs for the entire home, vinyl organizer

15. Swing-Out Craft Storage Shelving // Just Measuring Up

And some more paint storage. I love this one because it’d be great for small spaces. You can easily swing it open to see everything, including little paint bottles, without digging.

DIY Projects for Home Organization

Check back next month for some more DIY challenge DIYs! March’s theme is thrift store upcycling, and with everyone decluttering their homes, thrift stores are gold mines these days! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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DIY Projects for Home Organization
DIY Projects for Home Organization
DIY Projects for Home Organization
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