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5 Free October 2020 Desktop Backgrounds

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Looking for October 2020 desktop backgrounds for your computer? I’m sharing 5 that you can download for free!

October 2020 Desktop Backgrounds: Free Download

Hey there! I’ve decided to start something new—monthly computer backgrounds that I share here on the blog. I like making my own computer background and love slapping a monthly calendar on them. I can NEVER remember the date. Plus I like to pick gorgeous pictures to switch up every month.

October 2020 Desktop Background with leaves, gourds, and acorns

I’ve got five to share today—peeks of them are throughout the post! But these files are super small, so don’t try to save them and put them on your computer. They’ll look awful. Instead, you can grab them on Dropbox.

This is the one I’ve got up on my desktop right now—I love the muted colors. But I’ll probably switch to a more Halloween-themed one once we get a little further into October! Gotta keep things interesting somehow still stuck inside so much…right?

October 2020 Desktop Background with fall florals

The desktop wallpaper files are big, so I’ve got them saved on Dropbox! You can download these calendars—no sign-up required—at this link! There are folders for 1920×1080 and 2400×1350 versions.

October 2020 Desktop Background with fall greenery

I’ve got two sizes to share—1920×1080, which looks great on most screens. If you have a bigger monitor, though, definitely go with the 2400×1350 option. That’s what I’ve got on my 27″ iMac, and it looks great!

Btw, if you like freebies, definitely check out my free plant watering tracker and my free printable 2020 minimalist calendars for plant lovers. I’ll be making more for 2021 for sure, and I’ll shoot to have my November computer desktops out by the end of October.

October 2020 Desktop Background with pumpkins

Saving my favorite one for last…this is definitely the one I’m putting on my desktop. Spooooooooooky Halloween! (Any Making a Murderer fans out there?)

October 2020 Desktop Background with pumpkins

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